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Blade-Free LASIK

The Best Choice For Houston Or Austin LASIK Surgery

The highly sophisticated excimer laser has revolutionized the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Millions across the globe have successfully experienced freedom from wearing glasses and contact lenses. At Mann Eye Institute and Laser Center, you will always find the latest in leading edge technology and surgical techniques. Today, the Blade-Free LASIK procedure at Mann Eye Institute is uniquely customized to your personal vision needs and performed without the use of blades — an advantage that offers our patients increased predictability, safety and precise visual outcomes.

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What Is LASIK?

LASIK actually stands for Laser in-situ keratomileusis, which is the most commonly performed type of laser eye surgery. This procedure is generally safe, effective, and has very few side effects. LASIK is a great option for many individuals considering laser vision correction for a variety of very personal and professional reasons. LASIK may not promise perfect vision, however; it is a highly successful procedure that can at the very least reduce a person’s dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The lifestyle benefits can be tremendous for active and social people. These benefits can enable people to more freely pursue their hobbies, sports activities or career options.

What Happens In LASIK Surgery?

Are you seeking a Houston or Austin LASIK practice that can give you excellent vision? Our experienced LASIK team will complete an in-depth evaluation, taking hundreds of precise measurements, to determine which surgical technique and choice of laser technology offer you the best result. You can rest assured that your safety and comfort are at the forefront of our recommendations. Mann Eye Institute and Laser Center is pleased to offer our patients Blade-Free LASIK with the WaveLight System, the fastest and most advanced FDA-approved laser system in the nation. This combination of the WaveLight FS200 laser and the ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q excimer laser allows us to provide our patients a customized treatment for nearsightedness, farsightedness and even astigmatism.


Our Blade-Free LASIK Technology

The IntraLase FS laser is a femtosecond laser system that allows LASIK surgeons, Drs. Mike and Paul Mann, to offer their LASIK patients a safer, computer facilitated alternative to traditional LASIK. With IntraLase, the femtosecond laser creates the flap-instead of a blade.

Understanding Your LASIK Candidacy

There is perhaps nothing more important in the LASIK eye surgery process than determining your candidacy. If you are familiar with someone who has not had a good result, the problems typically stem from poor judgment of candidacy. The candidacy process begins with a thorough eye health evaluation to check the overall health of your eye, as well as the corneal thickness.

During your initial free LASIK screening, we will thoroughly examine your eyes and perform comprehensive testing to make sure that LASIK eye surgery is the right procedure for you. A medical and eye history will be taken and several tests will be performed, including:

  • • Dry eye testing
  • • Visual acuity and refractive error
  • • Screening Visual Field
  • • Pupil size in low & medium light
  • • Ocular pressure
  • • General health of the eyes
  • • Corneal topography & Corneal thickness

Age: 18+ is approved by the FDA.

Questions To ASK During Your LASIK Consultation

  1.  1. What is your experience with LASIK eye surgery?
  2.  2. Who are the best Houston LASIK surgeons?
  3.  3. Does LASIK or LASIK hurt at all?
  4.  4. Do I have a chance at going blind?
  5.  5. What was your eye surgery education and training?
  6.  6. What is PRK?
  7.  7. Do you perform other types of eye surgery?
  8.  8. What do your patients typically tell you after surgery?
  9.  9. Why did you want to become and eye doctor?
  10.  10. What is the LASIK eye surgery cost and how does this compare to other Houston LASIK surgeons?

Interpreting LASIK Prices In The Houston Area

LASIK prices can vary significantly, depending on many factors including the type of procedure you choose, (traditional V. wavefront) the instruments used (conventional LASIK, using a microkeratome to create the corneal flap, vs. all-laser LASIK) and the experience and location of your LASIK eye surgeon.

Price can be an important factor for patients, and prices vary widely for LASIK. A high price doesn’t promise a better result, but it’s best to be wary of high-volume facilities that advertise prices that sound too good to be true. Avoid offers such as “LASIK as low as $299.” Often, these prices do not include the cost of pre-operative exams, post-op medications, follow-up visits and other considerations that are included in the LASIK prices of “full-service” refractive surgery practices. Additionally the low priced discount centers employ marketing techniques of advertising low prices but then change the whole scenario once you are in the office. Do your LASIK Austin price shopping carefully, as not everything is black and white. At the Mann Eye Institute you can expect a straight-forward and all-inclusive approach with attention to your care not the LASIK cost.

Houston LASIK Pricing NOTE: Additional LASIK costs for re-treatments, post-operative care, and incremental pricing based on higher prescriptions will inevitably drive the actual price up for the patient. If the deal seems to good to be true use caution and research this with skepticism. Choosing a quality surgeon with experience can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the LASIK procedure.

This website contains a vast collection of information regarding LASIK eye surgery. Drs. Mike and Paul Mann are firmly committed to providing the best in patient education so that our patients can make a well-educated decision as to whether or not LASIK would be a good vision correction option. Because Drs. Mike and Paul Mann are board certified AAO ophthalmologist they also offer other ophthalmic surgical options for vision correction such as lens implant options. Please feel free to sift through our LASIK eye surgery website designed specifically for your educational purposes. If you have any questions never hesitate to pick up the phone and call us directly at: 1(800)MY-VISION

If cost is a serious concern for you rest assured that you are not alone. We have a page on this website dedicated to discussing LASIK patient financing. You can even fill out an online application to qualify for LASIK financing. LASIK technology has advanced so much over the past ten years that we also felt it was important for our patients to understand the history and improvements of safety and effectiveness over these years. Do not hesitate to learn more about the fascinating history of LASIK technology. If LASIK seems right for you Click here to fill out our contact form if you would like information regarding proceeding to a consultation.

Procedure Overview:

Blade-Free LASIK Houston

STEP I. Creation of corneal flap with a femtosecond laser.

Houston Blade-Free LASIK Texas

STEP II. Corneal flap is lifted off.

Blade-Free LASIK Austin

STEP III. An excimer laser provides the vision correction treatment, gently altering the surface of your eye according to pre-determined measurements.

Blade-Free LASIK Texas

STEP IV. The flap is put back into place.

Texas Blade-Free LASIK Houston

STEP I. Creation of corneal flap with a femtosecond laser

Blade-Free LASIK Austin Texas

STEP II. Corneal flap is lifted off

Bladeless LASIK Houston

STEP III. An excimer laser provides the vision correction treatment, gently altering the surface of your eye according to pre-determined measurements.

Bladeless LASIK Austin

STEP IV. The flap is put back into place.