We’re turning 40!

In 1977, a gallon of gas averaged 79 cents, “Hotel California” was a new song, and the first mass-produced home computer, the Apple II, went on sale. That’s also the year Dr. Mike Mann opened the doors of his first Mann Eye Institute office. It’s hard to believe that was 40 years ago. A lot… Read More

Erin Eder drops by to talk LASIK

Back in March country music recording artist, Erin Eder, had LASIK done by Dr. Wright at our Katy location. She stopped by to chat live on our Facebook page with clinic administrator, Jeremy Benson, about her LASIK experience here at Mann Eye Institute. If you couldn’t tune in live, we’ve got you covered! Check out… Read More

Dallas to Houston day trip – Blake’s LASIK Story

Blake is an engineer from Dallas. He came to see us at Mann Eye Institute because quality patient care matters to him just like it matters to us. This is Blake’s LASIK story: “The team at the Mann Eye Institute walked me through the process with understanding and great care. From before the initial appointment to… Read More

Delight in the Great Outdoors – Sam’s LASIK Story

Sam is passionate about leading an active lifestyle. Between running, hiking and camping, there was not much room for glasses and contacts. She came to see us at Mann Eye Institute for LASIK and is now enjoying outdoor activities like never before. This is Sam’s LASIK story: “Getting LASIK was, without contest, the best personal investment… Read More

Sharp and Comfortable Vision – Keith’s LASIK Story

Keith dealt with the struggle of wearing contacts for almost two decades. After coming to Mann Eye Institute for LASIK, he is enjoying clear, comfortable vision without his contacts. His only regret? Waiting so long to contact us. This is Keith’s LASIK Story: “I’ve been nearsighted as far back as I can remember and progressed from… Read More

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