TECNIS® IOL HoustonThe new TECNIS® IOL can provide patients with youthful, adequate vision using innovative wavefront lens technology. The TECNIS® lens can improve contrast so you can see well, even in low-light situations! Now, the TECNIS® lens is an available option for cataract and presbyopia patients at Mann Eye Institute!

One of the most important benefits of improved functional vision with the TECNIS® lens is safety. With compromised functional vision, even patients who have no problem reading the letters on an eye chart can be at a serious disadvantage in low-light situations because they lack contrast sensitivity.

The TECNIS® lens is the only wavefront-designed lens with FDA-approved claims for improved functional vision in low-light environments. The improvement in functional vision may also improve safety in other low-visibility situations!

In addition to receiving sharp distance vision, the TECNIS® lens in many cases can also correct pre-existing astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery!

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