Custom Cataract Treatment [with the ORA System]

ORA systemMann Eye Institute Is Pleased To Offer The New ORA Technology for Cataract Surgery ORA Offers a Custom Treatment Plan for More Precise Correction
Cataract surgery patients at Mann Eye Institute now have one more reason to be confident that the outcome of their procedure can give them the vision they desire. A remarkable technology called Optiwave Refractive Analysis or ORA is a new high-tech advance that makes cataract surgery a more customized procedure.
“Our patients have been very pleased with their results using the new ORA system,” says Dr. Paul Mann. “We are always looking for an opportunity to take patients’ vision to the next level, and now we have the technology to do it.”

How the ORA Works

Prior to cataract surgery, patients undergo a comprehensive eye exam to determine which premium intraocular lens implant or IOL best meets their needs. But in the past, a several-week wait time was required for the eye to heal, and a follow-up appointment could confirm their quality of vision with the new IOL.

Now, using the ORA, the experienced Mann Eye Institute Houston cataract surgeons can verify that patients are receiving the correct premium intraocular lens implant in “real-time” during surgery. This allows any adjustment to be made right at that time and reduces the possibility of patients having to undergo an “enhancement” procedure at a later date.

“Our goal is to give patients the type of sharp, clear eyesight they deserve and to help them achieve freedom from glasses or contact lenses,” says Dr. Mann. “The ORA is making a significant difference in meeting patients’ expectations.”

ORA incorporates a sophisticated wavefront technology called VerifEye that measures the eye after the cataract is removed but before the new replacement lens is inserted. The measurements confirm that the appropriate lens power has been selected for the patient and decreases any margin of error. The technology can also predict the potential for residual astigmatism, which can be corrected during the procedure.

21st Century Cataract Surgery

Advances in cataract surgery in the last few decades have been nothing short of remarkable, says Dr. Mann. Now the introduction of Laser Cataract Surgery using the Catalys Precision Laser System and the ORA system for confirming quality of vision post-surgery represents another quantum leap forward in precision, accuracy and patient satisfaction.

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