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Cataract patients in Houston have reason to rejoice thanks to a new “dropless” cataract surgery method available at Mann Eye Institute. It is designed to eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of cataract surgery: Postoperative eye drops.

In standard cataract surgery, patients are required to diligently use antibiotic and steroid eye drops before and after their procedures to prevent infection and promote healing. The rigid drop schedules while beneficial, for some patients, can be difficult to follow, and missing scheduled drops can increase risk of complications.

For patients who medically qualify for dropless cataract surgery at Mann Eye Institute, their surgeon places the drop medications within the eye during the procedure, where they dissolve slowly over time. This allows most patients to heal without the need for additional prescription eye drops.

“This new technique improves patient compliance while maintaining good outcomes,” said Dr. Mike Mann.

In addition to the convenience, many patients report significant cost savings. Typical cataract surgery prescription eye drops can cost $100 to $400 per eye. In contrast, if patients qualify for dropless cataract surgery at Mann Eye Institute, it is rare for them to pay for any prescription eye drops.

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