Active Life Lenses™

Now more than ever, you have the opportunity to make a lifestyle decision about your vision after cataract surgery. Mann Eye Institute offers several Active Life Lens options to choose from and our experienced cataract surgeons are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best vision after cataract surgery.

With the selection of an Active Life Lens, our goal is not only to remove your cataract but to elevate your level of vision to reduce, and in some instances eliminate, your need for corrective eyewear after cataract surgery. Whether you have astigmatism, are nearsighted or farsighted, wearing readers due to presbyopia (over-40 vision), or have any combination of these issues, our exciting lens options could help you overcome your vision challenges and help you See Life Better.

During your consultation, your surgeon will recommend the lens that is right for you based on your unique vision prescription, eye health, goals for after surgery and lifestyle needs. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing advances in lens technology that our surgeons may recommend: 

TECNIS® Synergy™ IOL

The new TECNIS Synergy Multifocal IOL (intraocular lens) not only addresses presbyopia (blurry near vision) as part of your cataract surgery, it allows you to see a continuous range of high-quality vision from near to far and in between.

Studies show that people who chose the TECNIS Synergy™ lenses reported better visual acuity, or sharpness of vision, at near and intermediate distances, six months after surgery, when compared to those who received monofocal IOLs. The TECNIS Synergy™ group also reported less need for glasses than the monofocal IOL group.

This combination lens is designed to reduce your dependence on glasses and readers. How’s that for synergy?!

TECNIS® Synergy™ Toric IOL

The new TECNIS Synergy Toric lens offers the opportunity to address both presbyopia and astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery by providing a continuous range of vision while also addressing astigmatism.

What does that mean for you? Overall less need for glasses of any kind. This amazing combination lens can reduce your dependence on glasses, readers and correct your astigmatism.

AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® Trifocal Lens

This amazing IOL (intraocular lens) is the first and only trifocal lens of its kind available in the U.S. Implanting the PanOptix Trifocal Lens at the time of cataract surgery could mean more visual freedom in just about any setting! 

This Active Life Lens is revolutionary because it is designed to deliver focusing power at near, mid and far distances, reducing, and in some instances eliminating, the need for glasses, bifocals, trifocal and/or readers. Even if you have astigmatism! And when you can rely less on glasses, you can be free to See Life Better with greater freedom and less restriction.

The PanOptix Trifocal Lens is designed to work well in all situations—daylight, bright light, dim light and low light. That means whether you are working at the computer, reading a book, playing golf or driving to and watching your grandchild’s soccer game, all these activities can be made easier and more enjoyable with clear, crisp vision. 

TECNIS Symfony® Lens

We also offer the TECNIS Symfony Lens, which was the first Active Life Lens on the market to correct both astigmatism and provide sharp vision at far, intermediate and near distances. 

The introduction of the Symfony Lens is important—groundbreaking, even—because previously, people who had both presbyopia (over-40 reading vision issues) and astigmatism were unable to have an Active Life Lens that would correct all their vision needs. Not anymore!

Studies have shown that the Symfony Lens is beneficial for distance, intermediate and extended reading distances, while also able to correct astigmatism. Its major advantage is its increased depth of focus. In fact, studies show that, compared with patients who received a standard monofocal lens, those who received a Tecnis Symfony IOL achieved greater improvements in intermediate and near vision while maintaining similar distance vision. Patients in the Symfony group were also more likely to achieve a reduced need for glasses and improved visual performance in any lighting condition.

AcrySof® Toric Lens

Before the advent of modern cataract surgery using advanced lenses, cataract sufferers who also had astigmatism were left with very few options. Surgeons could remove their cataract and restore vision, but these patients would still be dependent on glasses for most or all of their daily tasks.

Today, there are many intraocular lenses created specifically for individuals with astigmatism. One such advanced technology is the AcrySof Toric Lens, and it has the power to deliver excellent all-around vision, including distance vision. We’re proud to offer it at Mann Eye Institute.

Specifically designed to allow the opportunity for visual freedom to people with astigmatism, the AcrySof Toric Lens received rave reviews in its initial FDA testing phase and continues to deliver solid, favorable results:

  • 94% of patients achieved distance vision of 20/40 or better 
  • Nighttime driving improved in 34 of 36 conditions

TECNIS® Multifocal IOL

See Life Better…even in low-light situations with the TECNIS Multifocal IOL. This Active Life Lens option utilizes wavefront lens technology to improve contrast so you can see with confidence, even in low-light settings.  

Safety is one of the most important benefits you’ll experience with the TECNIS Active Life Lens. When your functional vision is compromised, even if you have no problem reading the letters on an eye chart, you can be at a serious disadvantage in low-light situations because of the lack of contrast sensitivity. TECNIS addresses this beautifully.

The TECNIS lens is a wavefront-designed lens designed for improved functional vision in low-light environments. In addition to delivering sharp distance vision, the TECNIS lens, in many cases, can also correct pre-existing astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery. A true win-win!


The ReSTOR Active Life Lens is designed to deliver excellent functional vision over a range of distances. Imagine reading, cooking, driving, working out and even watching TV with ease, all without the hassles of glasses and readers. That’s the ReSTOR difference.

This lens is a powerhouse choice because it allows for all-distance vision in one lens. It is tapered from the center to the outside to allow a smooth transition of light—from near, far or in-between focal points. 

This pupil-adaptive Active Life Lens is enjoyed by many of our patients.

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