Reading Vision Correction

If you are over the age of 40, you’ve probably noticed your vision is changing. And not for the better! Maybe you have trouble reading the text on your phone, restaurant menus, food labels or even your book or tablet when you never had any trouble before.

It is around this same time that many people begin to purchase and wear those store-bought reading glasses. Sound familiar? A pair on your desk at work, a pair on your nightstand, in your car, your purse, next to the TV remote.

This all too common condition is called Presbyopia or Over-40 Vision. And you can’t escape it – even if you’ve never had vision issues before.


This age-related vision condition reduces the ability of the eye to focus on near objects. It occurs when the crystalline lens inside your eye slowly loses its flexibility, making it difficult to focus up close.

Diminished reading vision cannot be prevented with diet or lifestyle changes. Since it is age-related, we can all look forward to dealing with it at some stage.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Blurry near vision beginning around age 40
  • Difficulty with focus when switching from distance to near vision
  • Headaches (especially when doing near vision work like working on a computer)
  • Eye strain and visual fatigue

How is it Diagnosed?

An assessment of your reading vision is part of every comprehensive eye examination. At Mann Eye Institute, a comprehensive eye exam includes tests to evaluate your eyes for the presence of diseases and for vision disorders including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and yes, the dreaded presbyopia. Your pupils will also be dilated to allow your doctor to better examine the inside of your eye.

If you are 40+ and experiencing any of the reading vision symptoms mentioned above – or even if you’re not – an annual comprehensive eye exam at Mann Eye Institute is a great place to start.

Problem, Meet Solution.

Reading glasses are, of course, a temporary fix and not a great long-term solution. But, no worries. There are several treatments available to address and correct your reading vision woes here at Mann Eye Institute.

If you’re already tired of the reading glasses scenario, Mann Eye Institute offers a number of vision correction procedures that can significantly reduce or, in some cases, even eliminate the effects of your diminished reading vision. Depending on your unique vision, lifestyle and goals, our skilled physicians will discuss your options with you that include procedures like LASIK (blended vision/monovision) or a Refractive Lens Exchange.

Are you ready to See Life Better? We’re ready to help. Schedule your reading vision correction appointment at Mann Eye Institute today.

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