Secondary Cataract Treatment

At some point after cataract surgery or an intraocular lens implant, patients may notice symptoms similar to that of a cataract – cloudy or hazy vision and an increase in glare.

This “secondary cataract” is not a true cataract. In fact, it is very easily treated by Mann Eye Institute during a short, outpatient procedure known as a YAG Laser Capsulotomy.

The secondary cataract, which can occur in both eyes, may appear months or even years after the original cataract surgery, and is largely caused by the growth of remnant lens cells on the lens capsule.

Completed in less than 5 minutes and without any blades, the YAG Laser Capsulotomy is a short, painless procedure.

As preparation for the procedure, the eye is dilated. Then a YAG laser carefully targets the backside of the lens capsule, effective eliminating the secondary cataract and improving vision.

20 minutes after the YAG procedure, intraocular pressure is checked, and the patient may resume normal activities.

Patients report that within several days, and often instantly, their clear and detailed vision is restored.

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