Retina Diseases

Understanding The Retina

Do you have flashes and floaters in your vision?

Are you having difficulty with blurry vision?

Do you often see blind spots when you look into the distance?

As people age, they may experience retina conditions that affect the ability to see clearly. Depending on the particular retina problem, treatment can make tremendous improvements. For certain retina eye problems treatment options might be limited. It is important to make sure you are in contact with your ophthalmologist or retina specialist if you have certain retina disease symptoms.

Before you develop symptoms of retina eye disease be sure to consult one of the ophthalmologists here at Mann Eye Institute.

What are some of the common retina eye problems?

  • Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Retinal Detachments
  • Flashes & Floaters

What are the risk factors for retina eye problems?

You’re more likely to have retina eye problems if:

  • You are moderately to severely myopic
  • You have had any type of traumatic eye injury
  • You have genetic or family related retina problems

What is the retina?

The retina is really quite an amazing structure in the eye layered with neurons and intertwined synapses. Let’s take a step back now that we have identified the most concerning types of issues with the retina and try and explain what the structure we call the retina. The retina is like wall paper at the back of your eye and is covered with may small blood vessels. Many of the issues related to vision conditions are subject whether or not these blood vessels leak blood.

The main objective of the retina is to transmit light and images to nerve signals that then get transferred to the brain. The retina uses the optic nerve to transmit signals and images to the brain. If there is a disconnect between the retina and optic nerve vision may get impaired. One the most important aspects of maintaining vision is to make sure this does not get damaged and that the overall structure of the retina stays intact.

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