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Welcome Rohan Verma, MD

Beauty With No Boundaries

You already know Mann Eye Institute is all about wanting you to See Life Better. So why not look beautiful while seeing it? If you feel that your outward appearance doesn’t match your true vision and expectations for yourself, we can help.
In keeping with our commitment to provide the very best in comprehensive eye care, Mann Eye Institute is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of facial cosmetic services – just for you.

Hey, Bright Eyes!

As we age, our skin changes…and not always in a good way. Natural volume begins to diminish as wrinkles and folds form.

Mann Eye is pleased to offer several leading treatments that can fill in deep creases or scars, improve facial contours and give body and definition to the eye, cheek, lip and chin areas.



BOTOX® Cosmetic injection is an FDA-approved wrinkle reduction procedure that can reduce or eliminate wrinkles in the face, including forehead lines, vertical bands in the neck, frown lines between the eyebrows and crow’s feet around the eyes. BOTOX® Cosmetic relaxes the muscle by blocking nerve stimulation. Originally used for uncontrolled spasms of the eye muscles, clinicians have found that by blocking the repetitive muscle activity, the resulting wrinkles will soften and, in some cases, be undetectable.


BOTOX® Medical injection is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to treat abnormal spasm of the eyelids (blepharospasm) in people 12 years and older. This is a medical procedure covered by most insurance plans.

Thermismooth Face

ThermiSmooth®Face stimulates natural production of collagen, helping strengthen and tighten the skin to improve its overall quality and appearance. It is performed using a temperature-controlled handpiece, which gently heats the skin’s surface. Treatment areas include lines, bags and circles around and under the eye as well as “marionette” lines around the mouth and chin area.


Latisse® – Short, thin and sparse eyelashes don’t flatter those gorgeous eyes. Now, thanks to LATISSE® Solution, the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for Hypotrichosis, or inadequate eyelashes, you can achieve the luscious eyelashes you’ve always wanted. Now, available at Mann Eye Institute, this innovative solution is perfect for that extra pop and sparkle in your eye.

Ready to find out more about our non-surgical facial rejuvenation options? Call 800.MY.VISION to schedule your consultation with Dr. Rohan Verma and Dr. Linda Pope to Keep’em Guessin’.


Not looking as young as you feel when you look in the mirror? We feel you.

Signs of aging often show first around the eyes with excess, drooping skin that makes you appear sad or angry or with eyes that look tired due to puffiness or bags. But you don’t have to live with it!

Advances in cosmetic surgery have allowed surgeons like Dr. Rohan Verma and Dr. Linda Pope to use minimally invasive techniques for rejuvenating the eye area. Saving you time and money, most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia.


Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery) is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. The goal of blepharoplasty is to diminish the amount of excess or sagging skin, muscle and fat.

If you are bothered by upper eyelids with drooping skin or by eyes that look tired due to puffiness or bags, blepharoplasty may be right for you. The procedure can be performed in the office or ASC, depending on specific medical criteria.


Ptosis Repair treats eyelids that impede vision. To start, let’s define the term. A ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid due to paralysis or disease, or sometimes as a congenital condition.

Ptosis repair is a surgical procedure that involves changing the height of the eyelid, rather than removing tissue as in the case of blepharoplasty. It is a delicate procedure best performed by an experienced ophthalmologist with training in eye surgery.

Ready to discuss blepharoplasty or ptosis repair with Dr. Verma and Dr. Pope? Request your consultation here.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup (also called micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing) gives you the option of waking up every day with your “face on.” You can swim, exercise, shower and wake up still looking put together and ready to go. Treatment areas offered at Mann Eye Institute include eyebrows and eyeliner (upper and/or lower lid).


Wake Up and Makeup!

You could benefit from micropigmentation if you:

Ready to find out more about permanent makeup from our resident expert, Dr. Linda Pope?

Call 800.MY.VISION to ask about our cosmetic services!



Do you wish the appearance of your skin looked smoother? Do you have sunspots, acne scars, or signs of rosacea that you want to disappear?

Thanks to a treatment called IPL (intense pulsed light therapy), you can look visibly younger while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, improving your skin’s texture, minimizing redness, and looking more radiant.

IPL uses light to target melanin within your skin. IPL penetrates the second layer of the skin, called the dermis, without causing any damage to the top layer of the skin. The pigment in your skin absorbs the light energy from the treatment and heats photodamaged cells in your skin to break them down.

Your body then naturally removes any damaged tissue and, with it, any unwanted pigment. The result? You’re left with glowing, more vibrant skin!

The best thing about IPL is that it not only leaves your skin looking better than it has in years, but it’s a low-risk procedure that’s well-tolerated by most patients. IPL sessions typically last 5-15 minutes, at most, and only cause minimal discomfort.

Side effects are minimal and may include edema, blistering, crusting, redness, and purpura. These will usually resolve on their own after about 48 hours.

Mann Eye uses cooling gel and cold air during treatment to help keep you as comfortable as possible. Results are long-lasting, meaning you can look forward to several years of rejuvenated skin!

Some patients choose to come in every year to touch up their skin, keeping them looking better than ever. IPL can also be used as a standalone treatment or combined with other treatments.

Be sure to discuss your options with your doctor at Mann Eye. If you want skin that looks young, fresh, and glowing, IPL can help! Isn’t it time to look as young as you already feel?

Rohan Verma MD

Meet Dr. Verma

Dr. Verma is a leader in eyelid, eyebrow, lacrimal and orbital surgery techniques with over 30 peer-reviewed publications and national meeting presentations. He is board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. 

Linda Pope, MD

Meet Dr. Pope

Dr. Pope is an ophthalmologist at Mann Eye Institute with more than 25 years of experience. She has fellowship training in plastic surgery of the eyes and is skilled in BOTOX® Cosmetic, permanent eyebrow and permanent eyeliner cosmetics as well as eyelid surgery and ptosis repair.


The Mann Eye Institute is a leading eye care facility with seventeen locations in Humble, West Humble, Houston, Central Austin, North Austin, Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands Market Street, Livingston, Bay City, Pearland, Baytown, Tomball and Cleveland, Texas. With various locations in the Houston and Austin areas we can provide the full continuum of care, including; designer eyewear and eye care needs, LASIK eye surgery, cataract surgery, premium lens implants and dry eye treatment options. If you are seeking expert eye doctors in Texas contact us today!

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