Eyelid Conditions

The skilled eye doctors at Mann Eye Institute, located in Houston and serving the surrounding areas of Texas, will assess your eyelid conditions & disorders to determine an individualized treatment plan right for you.


Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelid. It can be a chronic condition that affects both children and adults. Blepharitis is sometimes associated with a bacterial infection and can occur when oil glands along the base of the eyelashes become clogged. It does not usually cause damage to your eyesight but it can be rather painful and unsightly. Symptoms include red and watery eyes, burning, stinging, itching and crusty debris along eyelashes. Proper self-care cleaning measures, along with antibiotics and steroidal medication can be used to treat blepharitis.

Styes and Chalazion

Similar in nature, both styes and chalazion are lumps that develop in and along the edge of the eyelid. However, styes are a bacterial infection in the eyelash follicle that causes inflammation. Styes tend to be red and painful. Most styes will swell for several days before breaking open to drain. You should never try to force a stye open to drain.

A chalazion, on the other hand, is often larger in size than a stye but painless. They develop when an oil gland on the eyelid becomes blocked. Chalazia can form from an already developed stye. Although they are painless, chalazia can continue to grow causing swelling and irritation of the eyelid.

Both styes and chalazia will usually go away on their own without treatment. Warm compresses can be used to help relieve any discomfort and to minimize inflammation.

Treatment for Eyelid Conditions

There is no one-treatment-fits-all when it comes to eyelid conditions. Treatment for eyelid conditions will vary as each condition and each patient is different. The eye specialists at Mann Eye Institute will take the time to diagnose your eyelid condition and determine the best treatment necessary for your specific case.

How Much Does Treatment for Eyelid Conditions Cost in Houston?

Even if your insurance plan doesn’t cover vision correction, you can use cash, a credit card, or approved financing for payment. Please visit our financing page for more information.

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