How will I know when my cataracts are bad enough to require surgery?

By Dr. David Tremblay One certainty in life is that everyone will eventually develop cataracts. In fact, cataract formation starts earlier than you might think, typically in your 40s. Most… Read More

Is LASIK for Everyone? Let’s Talk About It.

Over the years at Mann Eye Institute, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people enjoy improved vision without the hassles of glasses and contacts with our life-changing Advanced LASIK procedures…. Read More

Ask the Vision Experts

Dr. David Tremblay Why do my eyes need to be dilated during an eye exam? Routine eye exams are extremely important to your overall health. During a routine eye exam… Read More

Ask the Vision Experts

I’d like to give my husband LASIK for Christmas, but what if he’s not a candidate? Dr. Luke Barker Giving your loved ones the gift of sight through LASIK is… Read More

Welcome 2022 with the Vision You Deserve

Use Your Benefits for LASIK How was your 2021? At Mann Eye Institute, we are closing out the final weeks of this year with gratitude; both for our amazing Mann… Read More

Ask the Vision Experts: Diabetic Eye Disease

I have diabetes. What do I need to know about protecting my eyesight? Dr. David Tremblay Diabetes is a complex disease to live with, affecting almost every part of the… Read More

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Be proactive; it may just save your sight November is the month that reminds us of all the many things we have to be thankful for. Things like family, friends… Read More

Ask the Vision Experts: Cataract Surgery

I’m thinking about having cataract surgery before the end of the year, but don’t want it to interfere with the holidays. How long is the recovery? By Dr. Luke Barker… Read More

I work on a computer all day, and my eyes are dry and irritated by the end of the day. Help!

By Dr. David Tremblay With COVID-19 persisting into the latter part of 2021, more folks are working from home than ever before. Unfortunately, working remotely can involve a significant amount… Read More

Life-Changing LASIK is the Gift of a Lifetime

It’s Our Birthday, but the Gift is For You! Who is turning 44 and feeling fabulous?! It’s us!! This month, Mann Eye Institute is celebrating 44 years of helping Texans… Read More

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