Woman Concerned About Her Early Onset Cataracts in Houston

I’m Too Young to Have Cataracts

“Doctor, my eyes. Tell me what is wrong. Doctor, my eyes. Tell me what you see.” (Jackson Browne). If cataracts are the unfortunate answer, then Mann Eye Institute can come to your rescue. A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens, which lies behind the iris and pupil. Although the exact cause… Read More

LASIK While Pregnant?

I’m Pregnant. Can I Get LASIK? Pregnancy and LASIK eye surgery are not a dynamic duo. Pregnant LASIK is not advised by most reputable refractive surgeons—the same surgeons who also suggest female patients wait a couple months after they are finished nursing their baby before having LASIK. While it’s not unsafe for you or baby,… Read More

Woman looking out a window at text that reads "LASIK myths"

Dispelling Myths about LASIK Surgery

LASIK remains the most popular refractive surgery in the U.S., correcting a variety of common vision problems. According to The American Refractive Surgery Council, LASIK enjoys an unprecedented 96% patient satisfaction rate, the highest of any optical elective procedure. Because LASIK surgery is prevalent, there is a great deal of information circulating about the procedure—and… Read More

cataract surgery

New, Improved Technology In Cataract Surgery

Modern Advancements In Cataract Surgery are Helping Patients See Life Better We’ve come a long way, baby…in treating vision problems. Did you know the first reported surgical removal of a cataract from the eye occurred in Paris in 1748? And in 1967, another advancement happened when an American doctor used a technique to remove the… Read More

contoura lasik

Dr. Barker Discusses LASIK on We Are Austin

It is always a good day when we get to visit our friends at We Are Austin, and this week Dr. Luke Barker appeared on We Are Austin to discuss the advancements in LASIK technology, specifically Contoura Topo-guided LASIK, and his personal experience with LASIK nine years ago. You can watch the segment or read… Read More

March Is Workplace Eye Safety Month

March Forward With Workplace Eye Safety Spring is a great time to get outside, but don’t let all the play make you too tired to remember eye safety at work. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) says 300,000 Americans visit the emergency room each year due to workplace eye injury. In fact, the Occupational Safety… Read More

dry eye

Winter Weather and Your Eyes

Winter in the Southern part of Texas can be…well, just plain weird. One day you’re sunning in the perfect 70-degree weather walking the dog and the next day you’re chillin’—not in a good way—when the weather drops to a frigid 35 degrees. And hovers there for a week. The nerve of Mother Nature! No, this… Read More

aging eyes

Poor Vision? We Have Answers To Aging Eyes

When it comes to one of our most precious personal assets—our eyes—it is comforting to know there are choices for caring for them at any age. Here we will discuss problematic vision conditions and specific solutions in restoring your sight to peak performance. 

eye allergy testing

Why we do Allergy Testing in the Eye Clinic

In the past, if a patient complained about allergy symptoms, we gave them drops and sent them away. We tended to minimize their complaints. Today, with our increased understanding of ocular surface disease we can discover the root cause of the problem! Currently, many ophthalmologists are using allergy skin testing to pinpoint what local allergens are triggering inflammation and… Read More


Topography guided LASIK – optimizing your patient outcomes and happiness!

Mann Eye Institute has been a leader in technology and innovation for decades. One of the latest advancements in corneal refractive surgery now offered exclusively at Mann Eye is blade-free, all-laser, topography-guided refractive surgery. The Alcon Wavelight Femtosecond and Excimer platform, combined with Contoura Topography Guided ablation, is the latest and most advanced corneal refractive… Read More

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