November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Don’t Skip Your Annual Sight-Saving Exam! November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and it is also Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. As Texas’ trusted vision specialists, we want to use this time to shine a spotlight on this debilitating and potentially sight-stealing disease. Most recent statistics report that diabetes affects more than 34 million people in… Read More

LASIK at Mann Eye CAN Change Your Life

Listen, 2020. We’re tired of you telling us what we can’t do. We can’t go to concerts, festivals or many major sporting events. We can’t take that much-anticipated trip to Europe. And we can’t go anywhere without a face mask! The world health pandemic has affected different people in different ways. Some people have faced… Read More

LASIK Technology and Why it Matters

LASIK has been around long enough that it’s easy to assume it’s a one-size-fits-all procedure, and that it’s the same no matter where you go. Not true! LASIK has gone through some major upgrades over the years, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice to get anything less than the best (these are your eyes… Read More

Corneal Crosslinking for Treating Keratoconus

See Life Better at Mann Eye Institute When Tiana was diagnosed with keratoconus, she didn’t even know what it was. And she’s not alone. Most people haven’t heard of this rare eye condition that causes blurry and distorted vision along with increased sensitivity to light. Thankfully for Tiana, at Mann Eye Institute, we not only… Read More

Meet Dr. Amir Mohsenin

Mann Eye Welcomes Esteemed Retina Specialist to the Family What do you get when you combine high intellect and awarded research and teaching skills with a warm, approachable personality and a great bedside manner? Mann Eye Institute’s newest clinical team member, that’s what. Allow us to introduce you to Dr. Amir Mohsenin, our new retina… Read More

LASIK Has a Long Recovery: True or False?

There’s a common misconception many people have surrounding a very important aspect of LASIK: recovery time. When we talk to people here at Mann Eye Institute in their free LASIK consultation, a common assumption is that there is some degree of recovery time needed after having LASIK. We get many questions about it and many… Read More

Mann Eye Doctor’s RLE Experience Made Him a Better Clinician

When Mann Eye Institute optometrist Dr. Marty Baumohl decided to have Refractive Lens Exchange to correct his own vision, he knew he’d love the freedom of seeing well without the hassles of glasses and contacts, but he didn’t anticipate how much it would enhance his ability to relate and empathize with his patients. People come… Read More

Five Real Reasons You Should Care About National Eye Exam Month

August means lots of things to lots of people. End of summer, back to school. But if you live in Texas, you know it’s way too soon to get excited about fall. August ushers in those dog days of summer, where your only hope of escaping the heat is to find some air conditioning. August… Read More

safe to get cataract and lasik

Elective Surgery in the Days of COVID-19

Is Now a Safe Time to Have Eye Surgery? Things we didn’t see a lot of this spring and early summer: elaborate promposals, graduation parties and pictures of your friend’s vacation in the south of France. Things we did see a lot of: face masks in every pattern imaginable, empty toilet paper aisles at Target… Read More

Mann Eye Welcomes Glaucoma Specialist Dr. Tara Hahn

At Mann Eye Institute, we never stop pursuing ways to better serve our amazing family of patients. And we never stop pursuing amazing talent to help in that endeavor. We’re super excited to welcome our newest physician, Dr. Tara Hahn. A native of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, it’s not surprising Dr. Tara Hahn made her way… Read More

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