Dr. Barker Talks Cataract Surgery with CATALYS on “We Are Austin”

It’s always a good day when we have the opportunity to share advances in eye surgery with our friends at “We Are Austin.” Dr. Luke Barker stopped by for a little Q & A with Taylor Ellison about the CATALYS™ Precision Laser making its way to Austin. Q: “So tell us about this breakthrough technology.”… Read More

Houston LASIK

LASIK and Flex Spending go Hand-in-Hand

Have you considered what you’re going to do with all those hard earned, tax-free dollars you’ve been putting away in your Flex Spending Account (FSA) all year? What do you mean you forgot about it?! We know you want to end this year free from those dreaded glasses or contacts. At Mann Eye Institute, we… Read More

The Future of Cataract Surgery Comes to Austin

When something revolutionizes corrective eye surgery in such a big way, it should be celebrated. And we are doing just that – celebrating the CATALYS™ Precision Laser coming to Austin! We are the first in the city to perform cataract surgery with this technology, and we are thrilled for our patients who will See Life… Read More

Dr. Mike Mann chats with “We Are Austin”

The road to Dr. Mike Mann becoming an ophthalmologist was a long one, he says, even ruling it out after completing his internship. Thank goodness he stuck with it, or we wouldn’t be here today! 40 years later, and he is just as passionate about helping patients See Life Better as he was the opening… Read More

We’re turning 40!

In 1977, a gallon of gas averaged 79 cents, “Hotel California” was a new song, and the first mass-produced home computer, the Apple II, went on sale. That’s also the year Dr. Mike Mann opened the doors of his first Mann Eye Institute office. It’s hard to believe that was 40 years ago. A lot… Read More

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