Ask the Vision Experts: Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

by Dr. Luke Barker Does my child still need to have a comprehensive eye exam if she passed her vision screening at her well-child check-up? With back-to-school right around the… Read More

Ask the Experts: UV Safety

by Dr. David Tremblay What’s the best UV protection for the eyes? You’ve been told since you were a child that UV light from the sun is harmful. But why?… Read More

Debunking the Most Common LASIK Myths

At Mann Eye Institute, we love to talk about LASIK. Truthfully, it’s one of our favorite things to talk about! LASIK has been so life-changing for so many people that,… Read More

Ask the Experts: LASIK

By Dr. Luke Barker Am I too old for LASIK? I’m 45 and have worn glasses my whole life. Now I need readers, too! Could LASIK help me? Welcome to… Read More

LASIK Could Take Your Gaming to the Next Level

Here at Mann Eye Institute, we just love to help all kinds of people improve their lives with the visual freedom LASIK offers. It never gets old! People looking to… Read More

Jen Hatmaker Astounded by Her Vision After LASIK

You may know Jen Hatmaker as an author, podcaster, speaker, or maybe you recognize her from the HGTV show My Big Family Renovation. Jen, who lives near Austin in a… Read More

Cataract Awareness Month: Let’s Test Your Cataract Knowledge

The more trips around the sun you take, the more likely it is that you will be faced with cataracts at some point. Cataracts are, to a large degree, an… Read More

Ask the Experts: Cataracts

by Dr. David Tremblay What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Laser Cataract Surgery and Does it Really Matter? Cataract surgery has come a long way since the old days when… Read More

Ask the Experts: LASIK

By Dr. Luke Barker Is LASIK safe? When considering any surgery, it is advisable to do your research on the topic and prepare yourself for the evaluation. If you’re considering… Read More

Ask the Experts: Healthy Vision Month

by Dr. David Tremblay Can your eyes indicate health problems? The saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Fortunately, as windows, the eyes often shed clues about… Read More

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