Get to Know: Main St.

Dr. Brunson – Optometrist How long have you worked at Mann Eye Institute? I have been at Mann Eye Institute for 13 years! Why do you love working for Mann Eye Institute? I love being part of a team with a singular goal to improve patients’ quality of life! One fun fact about yourself? My… Read More

An Active Life Lens that Addresses ALL Your Vision Needs – Say Hello to Symfony

You probably know someone who has had cataract surgery. The truth is, everyone who lives long enough will eventually develop cataracts. It’s one of the leading causes of visual impairment. Modern cataract surgery – which is far less invasive than it used to be – has reached a level of sophistication that allows for better… Read More

Ways LASIK Can Help You Have a Better Football Season

Who’s ready for some football?! Whether you are a Friday Night Lights high school football fan, a college football fanatic or a Monday night armchair quarterback, the best season of the year is finally here. But what if you aren’t experiencing the game at the level you could be? If your vision is less than… Read More

Cataract Patients Go “Dropless” and Enjoy Significant Benefits

Cataract patients in Houston have reason to rejoice thanks to a new “dropless” cataract surgery method available at Mann Eye Institute. It is designed to eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of cataract surgery: Postoperative eye drops. In standard cataract surgery, patients are required to diligently use antibiotic and steroid eye drops before and… Read More

LASIK for the Young Working World

Choosing to have LASIK is about so much more than just improving your vision for convenience sake. It is a tangible way to make lasting improvements in your quality of life. There are many reasons why a young, working professional in Houston might choose laser vision correction surgery with Mann Eye Institute. Here are three… Read More