Ask the Experts: LASIK

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By Dr. Luke Barker Am I too old for LASIK? I’m 45 and have worn glasses my whole life. Now I need readers, too! Could LASIK help me? Welcome to the magical world of middle age! As we all collect more birthdays, we all grow wiser, more experienced and slowly develop presbyopia. Presbyopia, or “middle-aged […]

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LASIK Could Take Your Gaming to the Next Level

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Here at Mann Eye Institute, we just love to help all kinds of people improve their lives with the visual freedom LASIK offers. It never gets old! People looking to simplify their lives and their routines by getting rid of the hassles of glasses and contacts? Yes! People wanting to eliminate the inconvenience and time-suck […]

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Ask the Experts: Cataracts

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by Dr. David Tremblay What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Laser Cataract Surgery and Does it Really Matter? Cataract surgery has come a long way since the old days when surgeons used a needle to simply (and painfully) push the cataract out of the way. Newer techniques are minimally-invasive with faster healing, less risk and […]

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