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Here at Mann Eye Institute, we just love to help all kinds of people improve their lives with the visual freedom LASIK offers. It never gets old!

People looking to simplify their lives and their routines by getting rid of the hassles of glasses and contacts? Yes! People wanting to eliminate the inconvenience and time-suck of putting in and taking out contacts every morning and every night? Yes! People wanting to focus on their active lifestyle and not on the inconvenience of working out, biking, hiking, swimming with glasses slipping off their nose and sweat in their contacts? Yes!

And how about this one? Gamers wanting to up their gaming experience with less restriction and more clarity? Yes!

LASIK: Game Over for Glasses and Contacts

There are so many ways LASIK could improve your video gaming experience. Consider these hassles that could be eliminated and benefits you could enjoy after Advanced LASIK at Mann Eye:

  1. Improved vision! (better clarity, colors and crispness to enhance your gaming experience)
  2. Fewer distractions (contacts worn for long periods of time often cause dry, irritated eyes)
  3. No more glasses getting in the way of your gaming headset and causing discomfort

Achievement Unlocked: 20/20 Vision*

But don’t just take our word for it. Mann Eye patient Dorothy, a longtime gamer, couldn’t be happier about her decision to have LASIK:

“If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. My name’s Dorothy, and I’ve been an avid gamer for 10+ years now. The inconvenience of glasses and the uncomfortable feeling of contacts was something I struggled with for years. LASIK has 100% changed my life for the better.

The clarity of my vision and vividness of the game after LASIK continues to amaze me daily. I can see things while gaming I would have easily missed before with my glasses and contacts.

My easy, quick and painless 10 minute LASIK procedure will provide me with years of crisp, clear gaming. Achievement unlocked: 20/20 vision!”

Do you know who else is an avid gamer? Dr. David Tremblay! That’s right, one of our own experienced, board-certified LASIK surgeons. And Dr. Tremblay had LASIK himself a few years back, and it has improved his life in so many ways! Be sure to ask him to tell you all about it when you schedule your free consultation.

Advanced LASIK at Mann Eye: Level Up!

We know that technology plays into results, so here at Mann Eye Institute, we are committed to providing the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, including state-of-the-art laser platforms for all of our vision correcting procedures.
Investing in a variety of technology allows us to recommend and perform the procedure that is right for you and fits your unique needs. So what exactly do we mean when we say our LASIK is advanced?
So glad you asked!
Advanced LASIK means our LASIK procedure is faster, more accurate, more customized, more precise and with the widest treatment range possible. Not everyone cares to know the details about the latest laser platforms and diagnostic eye mapping technology, but everyone who decides to have LASIK wants a fast, accurate, customized and precise procedure! And for those of you who do care to know the details on which technology we use, we’ve got it spelled out from A to Z for you right here.

See Life Better

Take your vision (and gaming experience) to the next level with LASIK. Our LASIK self-test can help you determine if LASIK might be right for you!

We can’t wait to help you See Life Better! Visit this page for more information on LASIK in Austin.