Does LASIK Last?

Posted by: Mann Eye in Advice, LASIK

There are some common misconceptions out there surrounding LASIK, and we’re often asked, “Is LASIK permanent?” and “How long do the results last?” For those that think LASIK “wears off” after time, several of our own eye surgeons are able to point to their own LASIK experiences and their amazing vision up to decades later […]

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COVID Safety Protocols

Posted by: Mann Eye in Eye Health, News and Events

We want you to know that even in these unpredictable times—especially in these unpredictable times—Mann Eye Institute’s commitment to the many communities of Houston and Austin that we serve is as strong as ever. We’ve been Texas’ trusted eye care provider for over 43 years, and that’s an honor we never take lightly. The health […]

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Face Mask Fogging Up Your Glasses?

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Spring 2020’s top fashion piece? Why the COVID-19 face mask, of course! But if you’re a glasses wearer, you’ve probably experienced what we like to call the COVID mask fog bog. It’s when your glasses fog up because your breath is not free to float out into the world like it used to, and instead, […]

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