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There are some common misconceptions out there surrounding LASIK, and we’re often asked, “Is LASIK permanent?” and “How long do the results last?” For those that think LASIK “wears off” after time, several of our own eye surgeons are able to point to their own LASIK experiences and their amazing vision up to decades later to put this myth to bed once and for all.

Our Doctors’ Own LASIK Stories

First up? Dr. Paul Mann, a board-certified ophthalmologist who works alongside his father, Dr. Mike Mann, founder of Mann Eye Institute. Dr. Paul Mann had LASIK back in 1999, and himself has performed tens of thousands of LASIK procedures on people living in Houston and Austin.

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And Dr. Mann is not an exception to the rule; his experience is very similar to that of several other Mann Eye Institute patients and fellow LASIK surgeons.

Meet Dr. Brian Wright, a board-certified ophthalmologist at Mann Eye, serving on the Katy medical and surgical team. Dr. Wright has had LASIK himself and even performed the procedure on his wife and some friends. “It’s a procedure I believe in and think is very safe,” said Dr. Wright. “I would recommend it to anyone who is a good candidate.”

And to the question of “Does LASIK last?”, Dr. Wright explains to his patients that LASIK creates a permanent change to the cornea by reshaping it. But that doesn’t mean a person’s vision won’t change over time for other reasons.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonial

Dr. Jennifer Melton is a board-certified ophthalmologist in Houston. She had LASIK back when she was completing her residency after medical school. “During my LASIK fellowship, I was only more persuaded by the volume of great outcomes achieved with lower risks with our screening processes today,” said Dr. Melton. “Overall risk to the eye, both in my clinical experience and now through completed research, is less than long-term wear of contact lenses.”

But the question Dr. Melton hears most is, “Does LASIK wear off over time?” and she has given careful consideration to how she answers this commonly asked question.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonial

Our Mann Eye surgeon in our Austin office is a LASIK fan, too! Dr. David Tremblay has had LASIK himself so he can easily speak to most of his patients’ fears and concerns. As a board-certified ophthalmologist, he performs a lot of LASIK! Fun fact: Dr. Paul Mann performed Dr. Tremblay’s LASIK a few years ago, so he’s a Mann Eye LASIK patient too.

He loves to talk especially to contact lens wearers who are frustrated with their contacts and looking for a better solution.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonials

Dr. Amanda Hunt is a certified therapeutic optometric glaucoma specialist at Mann Eye Institute in Houston. She had LASIK in 2006. Fun fact: Both Dr. Mike Mann and Dr. Paul Mann performed Dr. Hunt’s LASIK together! She remembers going to sleep the night after her surgery and waking up the next morning with 20/15 vision. And her vision is still just as sharp all these years later.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonials

Dr. Louis Binder is a licensed optometrist at Mann Eye Institute in Houston. He had LASIK in 2003 and has exactly zero regrets. Dr. Binder admits he was scared and even made his mom and wife go first! But within four hours of his LASIK procedure, he describes his vision as “HDTV-quality”.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonials

Dr. Matthew Morello is a certified therapeutic optometric glaucoma specialist at Mann Eye Institute. As an outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Morello hated hassling with his contact lenses drying out, so he decided to have LASIK in 2008, performed by Dr. Paul Mann.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonials

Dr. Sharzad Halvaeian is a therapeutic optometrist practicing primary and pediatric eye care, including the management of ocular diseases and the fitting of specialty contact lenses. She also analyzes candidacy for laser vision correction and often shares her own LASIK experience with patients considering life-changing LASIK. Dr. Halvaeian had LASIK in 2015 and her procedure was performed by Dr. Mike Mann.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonials

Dr. Victoria Chin is a board-certified therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist focusing on ocular surface disease (dry eye) and refractive surgery. She had LASIK back in 2008 right here at Mann Eye Institute and is so glad she made the investment in herself. Dr. Chin loves to counsel her patients and answer any questions or concerns they have about laser vision correction.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonials

Dr. Marty Baumohl is a board-certified therapeutic optometrist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease, as well as consultations for all of our state-of-the-art refractive surgery procedures. Along with proficiency in difficult-to-fit contact lens patients, Dr. Baumohl is a Certified Glaucoma Specialist and sees patients at our Spring location. Dr. Baumohl had a bilateral Refractive Lens Exchange, performed by Dr. Mike Mann, and feels “thrilled and blessed” to be able to fully appreciate the miracle they get to provide on a daily basis.

Mann Eye Patient Testimonials

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