Amy Winthrow’s LASIK Story

Amy WinthrowWhen you’re a junior high basketball, track and volleyball coach, your days start before sunrise. Every day. LLano resident Amy Withrow loves teaching and coaching, but she did not love having to put in her contacts at 5:00 in the morning every day and not be able to take them out until late in the evening.

“I couldn’t ever rub my eyes if I needed to and I hated the dry eye issues I had from wearing contacts for so long every day,” she said. “Contacts are such a pain.”

When Amy’s beloved grandfather passed away last summer, she decided the best way to use the inheritance he left her was as an investment in her future – LASIK. “I am always outside, hiking, running, swimming and coaching,” she said. “I wanted the freedom to do all the activities I love without the burden of contacts and poor vision.”

Amy’s sister as well as a fellow coach she works with both had LASIK and had great things to say about their own experience. “It gave me confidence to know it would be a great decision for me, too,” she said.

Amy’s LASIK surgery was performed by Dr. Paul Mann with post-op care provided by Dr. Honour Cessac. “I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with Mann Eye Institute,” said Amy. “They made me feel very comfortable, explained everything to me, even talking to me during the procedure.”

“On a scale of 1-10, I would give them a 12!”

Amy enjoys the freedom she feels now that she is not shackled to her contacts and glasses. “Recently, I went out of town and it was so great not to have to pack my glasses, contacts, solution and all that stuff,” she said. “I love waking up in the morning and just being able to see perfectly with no issues.”

Amber McGinty’s Austin LASIK Story

Amber McGintyAustin resident Amber McGinty fulfilled a lifelong dream in August 2015 when she launched her virtual assistant services business, Trusty Oak. The timing was right and business is booming. There were many factors that contributed to the leap of faith Amber took in launching Trusty Oak, but one of the main catalysts was the newfound freedom and confidence she felt because of her clear vision after having Blade-free LASIK at Mann Eye Institute.

“I have worn glasses and/or contacts since first grade and my vision steadily got worse every year,” said Amber. “If you are someone who has great vision, this might sound strange but the kinds of things I worried about were, ‘What if I get in a car accident and my glasses fly off and I can’t even see to get out of the car?’ That’s how bad my vision was. I literally could not see to walk across the room in the morning.”

Like many, Amber had a false understanding of what LASIK is and assumed she would not be a candidate.

“I thought because I had astigmatism and my vision changed each year that I wouldn’t be a good candidate,” she said. “I was so excited to learn that I was actually an ideal LASIK candidate.”
Amber’s surgery was performed by Luke Barker, M.D. of Mann Eye Institute’s Barton Creek location in Austin.

“I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect but I am so glad I decided to go for it,” said Amber. “The results have been amazing! I am so much more carefree about life now. I can work out without having to worry about my contacts. I wake up and see the clock across the room with no problem. My vision is now better than 20/20 and I couldn’t be happier.”

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Cliff Moffett, Construction Foreman

Cliff MoffettCliff Moffett knew it was time for cataract surgery, when he couldn’t see the street signs until he was practically on top of them. He also had difficulty reading blueprints, which made his job a challenge, since he oversees construction for Root Design Company – a landscape architecture, pool construction and design/build firm with offices in Austin and Pagosa Springs, CO.

But the biggest problem was what his bad eyesight was doing to his golf game. While he could hit the ball, he couldn’t focus on it.

“I never knew which way the ball would go,” he laughs.

Now, one month after undergoing cataract surgery at Mann Eye Institute in Austin, he couldn’t be happier. “I am already 20/18 in my right eye, 20/16 in my left and expect to be at 20/20 in both eyes by my next visit,” says Cliff.

Best of all, he can see up close to read without glasses and has excellent distance vision as well, thanks to the Active Life Lenses, which allow seamless vision at all ranges, much like the eye’s natural ability in younger patients.

“Although the lenses are considered an out-of-pocket expense, it was well worth it,” says Cliff.

His eyesight is now excellent, and he no longer has to worry about wearing glasses or having to replace them when they break.

In fact, the afternoon after his surgery, his eyesight was good enough that he went back to the office to do some paperwork and make phone calls. By the next day, he was out in the field overseeing the company’s newest projects.

He admits to having some concern about the surgery.

“After all,” he says, “It’s a big decision to allow someone to perform surgery on your eyes. But the experience from beginning to end was simply outstanding in every way, including being pain-free.”

“I’ve been perfectly healthy all my life, except for my vision, and now my eyes are healthy, too,” says Cliff.

He jokes that he can’t wait to get back to his golf game and to play tennis again. He’s also grateful for an unexpected result – colors are sharper and more vivid than they have been in years.

“We do a lot of landscaping, and it’s amazing how much brighter and more clear the flowers are,” says Cliff. “The surgeon told me that might happen, and he was right.”

In addition to his exceptional vision results, Cliff says he was impressed with the courteous, friendly attitude of the Mann Eye Institute staff.

“From the time I walked in the door and was greeted at the front desk, I knew I was in the right place,” says Cliff. “I didn’t have to wait long to be seen, and the surgeon had an excellent bedside manner. In fact, the entire experience was great. You could tell good customer service is something they strive to achieve every day. Everything was handled in a professional way at every step, from the top down.”

The Mann Eye Institute was actually the second vision care center Cliff consulted before making his decision to undergo cataract surgery.

“At the first center, I just did not feel comfortable with the experience,” says Cliff. “The doctor was in a hurry to get on to the next patient. I thought, ‘This is about my eyes. If that is what it’s going to be like, I don’t want to do it.”

His daughter, co-host of the Bobby Bones radio talk show, suggested he schedule a visit with the Mann Eye Institute team. “That was a good decision,” says Cliff. “At Mann Eye Institute, I felt like Dr. Barker had my best interest at heart. It was a completely different experience.”

Cliff says he appreciates how challenging it can be to develop such a well-organized, cohesive team of employees.

“That’s something every business owner hopes to achieve,” he says. “At Mann Eye Institute, you can definitely tell that everyone is happy to be there doing the best they can at all times. They have a very positive attitude, and it shows.”

Donna McKenzie, DJ For Smooth Jazz

Dr. Mike Mann performed my surgery over four years ago and it changed my life. When I was five, I got my first pair of glasses and then changed my prescription about 20 times over the course of the next 20 years. Then I went to see Dr. Mike Mann. After an intense evaluation, I learned that I was not a candidate for LASIK. Dr. Mann recommended an ICL – implantable contact lens. My surgery literally changed my life overnight. My results were incredible and still are!

Travis Golightly, Radio Personality

Travis GolightlyAfter being in glasses or contacts nearly my whole life, having 20/20 vision overnight is inconceivable. Being able to go out and play sports, or even just go about daily life without constantly rubbing my eyes and fixing my contacts is incredible. My vision has always been very important to me, and I felt very comfortable having someone with the technology, experience, knowledge, and reputation that Dr. Mann has do my surgery. Blade Free LASIK with the Intralase and Allegretto Wave lasers has literally changed my life!

Reid Ryan, President & CEO, Ryan Sanders Baseball

Reid RyanThank you, Dr. Mann, for Everything.

Sara Hickman, Recording Artist

Sara HickmanWOW! I CAN SEE!
Thank you, Dr. Mann!

Kevin Fowler, Recording Artist

Kevin FowlerI love my new eyes.
Thanks, Dr. Mann.

David Matranga, Houston Astros Second Baseman

David MatrangaI play for the Houston Astros and I had a career at stake, so naturally I had questions about laser eye surgery. After talking to Dr. Mann, I felt completely comfortable with the procedure and the technology being used. It was completely painless, took about 10 minutes and now I have 20/15 vision.

I definitely see the ball better and my depth perception has improved dramatically. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mann and the people at the Mann Eye Institute and Laser Center. They’ve changed my life.

Lee Labrada, Bodybuilder and Lasik Patient

Lee LabradaI was really tired of my contacts. Today I am 20/15 and delighted with the result. The reason I chose Dr. Mann is simply because he is the best. He is one of the pioneers in the LASIK procedure and he has a tremendous reputation. And with dealing with something as delicate as eye surgery, I wanted to be sure I was in the hands of the best.

Mike Gallo, Former Professional Baseball Player

Mike GalloI got tired of going through the different weather conditions all over the country with my contacts irritating my eyes. I chose Mann Eye Institute because several of my teammates have had the procedure and have heard nothing but great things to say about Dr. Mann.

The whole experience was great. Now I don’t have to call my wife to ship me my contacts while I’m on the road. I don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack my glasses for road games or breaking them and not having a spare. It’s just so much more convenient than dealing with glasses and contacts.

I walked in the office, and less than 24 hours later, I had great vision. LASIK at Mann Eye Institute was the best decision of my life.

Angela Ellison – Mann Eye Institute & Laser Center

Chris Rice

Chris RiceI was excited about the prospect of “no more glasses and contacts,” but my experience at Mann Eye Institute completely blew away my expectations.

I underwent blade-free LASIK with the Allegretto Wave laser on a Friday afternoon – which was a completely pain-free procedure – and woke up the next morning with 20/15 vision! Amazing!
The entire staff at the Mann Eye Institute was great, and I really felt at ease about a potentially intimidating procedure. And after seeing how pleased I was with my results, my wife went in and had her vision corrected too. I can’t say enough good things about our experiences with the Mann Eye Institute!