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Spring 2020’s top fashion piece? Why the COVID-19 face mask, of course!

But if you’re a glasses wearer, you’ve probably experienced what we like to call the COVID mask fog bog. It’s when your glasses fog up because your breath is not free to float out into the world like it used to, and instead, is being trapped inside your mask and fogging up your glasses. As if masks weren’t uncomfortable enough. Sheesh.

How to Prevent Foggy Lenses

Placing a tissue under the top of your face mask can help absorb some of the droplets, leading to clearer lenses. But a tissue under your mask can also make a bulky, uncomfortable situation even more bulky and uncomfortable.

Another idea is wearing a mask that can form to the bridge of your nose — one with wire, for instance. This type can help prevent the warm air from your mouth from reaching your lenses. But, due to increased demand for the disposable, wire type, many Americans are wearing homemade cloth masks, leaving the others for our frontline healthcare workers. We’ve even heard of people inserting pipe cleaners in their cloth masks to help with fogging, but this can create the same uncomfortable situation as the tissue in the mask.

We Are Here for You!

At Mann Eye Institute, we hope you know by now that we are here for you. We sincerely care about you and we want all our patients to be able to See Life Better!

In light of the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s recently published recommendations to shelve the contacts completely and wear eyeglasses instead during this COVID-19 season, we have another thought we’d like to share. Glasses are better than contacts, yes, but LASIK is better still.

Why LASIK is a Better Choice

Experts have agreed for years that LASIK is a healthy choice, and many studies have shown it to be a safer vision-correcting solution than long-term negligent contact use. At Mann Eye Institute, the wellbeing of every patient we are honored to serve is now and always has been our top priority.

We genuinely love to talk to people about the freedom and convenience LASIK offers. From the freedom to workout without hassling with sweat dripping into your contact or your glasses slipping off your nose to the convenience of opening your eyes in the morning and just being able to see, LASIK equals freedom and convenience.

With an incredible focus on the health and safety of our patients and our team, many of our offices are now open and are fully equipped and prepared to serve you. Schedule your free, no-risk, no-obligation LASIK consultation today. Questions? Our live chat feature is available to you 24/7.