Eye Floaters, Flashes and Spots

Removing Eye Floaters, Flashes and Spots in the Eye in Houston, TX

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Understanding Eye Floaters and Flashes

Although typically harmless, eye floaters and flashes can be somewhat of a nuisance when present. Most people experience the occasional specks, dots or flashes of light at some point in their life and understanding what they are and what causes them can ease your mind of worries of the possibility of a more serious condition.

What Are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters, commonly known as those specks or clouds in your vision, are actually tiny deposits of the eye’s vitreous gel that has broken loose within the back of the eye.


With age, the vitreous (clear, jelly-like fluid that fills the eye) begins to dissolve. When this happens, the vitreous gel pulls away from the back of the eye and then floats in the liquified vitreous humor.


Floaters appear as flecks, clouds, dots or cobwebs in your field of vision. They are not usually a cause for concern; however, there are occasions when the vitreous can pull away from the retina, resulting in bleeding or a retinal hole, tear, or detachment. When this happens, showers of spots and flashes of light become present. If you experience “showers” of new floaters, you should contact your ophthalmologist.

What Is the Treatment for Eye Floaters?

The occasional floaters usually don’t require medical attention and should fade with time. Many people who experience floaters become used to them, finding them less annoying. In the rare case where the retina becomes torn or detached, eye surgery is needed to reattach the retina to prevent vision loss.

Most individuals learn to ignore floaters once they understand that they are harmless and not associated with retinal tear or detachment. But if you’re alarmed about the floaters and/or flashes you’ve seen, we can perform a thorough medical eye examination and discuss your concerns with you to determine if you need further evaluation or treatment for your floaters and flashes. Contact us today.

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