WaveLight® FS200 Laser

Remaining on the forefront of vision correction technology, the surgeons at Mann Eye Institute are pleased to offer our patients in Austin and Houston Blade-Free Lasik with the FS200 femtosecond laser, an essential component to our WaveLight System for customized, all-laser vision correction.

The FS200 laser is utilized during step one of the LASIK procedure to create the corneal flap. This advanced laser is designed with enhanced speed and accuracy for highly precise, reproducible results. In fact, treatment time with the FS200 laser is greatly reduced compared to other femtosecond lasers or the microkeratome blade, with the average treatment time lasting only 6 seconds.

Additionally, the FS200 can provide a more customized procedure for each patient. Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint, which means the more we can tailor your procedure to your precise vision needs, the more predictable, consistent outcomes we are able to achieve.

WaveLight System

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