LATISSE® Houston

Grow Fuller, Longer and Darker Eyelashes in Just Weeks with LATISSE® Solution From Mann Eye Institute!

Short, thin and sparse eyelashes don’t flatter those gorgeous eyes. Now, thanks to LATISSE® Solution, the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for Hypotrichosis, or inadequate eyelashes, you can achieve the luscious eyelashes you’ve always wanted. Now, available at Mann Eye Institute and Laser Center, this innovative solution is perfect for that extra pop and sparkle in your eye.

Researched and developed by Allergan, a pharmaceutical leader in prescription eye care products, LATISSE® Solution is effective and easy to use. Applied topically to the base of the upper eyelid once a day, LATISSE® Solution is clinically proven to produce beautiful eyelashes and absolutely remarkable results in just weeks! The active ingredient bimatoprost allows LATISSE® Solution to increase the number of eyelash hairs in the growth phase and extend its duration for optimal length and fullness.

Achieve longer, fuller lashes for gorgeous eyes that demand attention with LATISSE® Solution, the ideal way to complement your brand new vision and restored eyesight with a product that really performs from Mann Eye Institute!


Case Study of LATISSE® Solution user after 16 weeks of use