Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

Thanks to advances in the field, new technologies, known as MIGS, have been developed to lower eye pressure more safely, with a faster recovery and minimal restrictions. Instead of creating an artificial drain in the eye, they are designed to unclog the natural drainage system of the eye and enhance drainage.

There are several advantages offered by these types of procedures. They are minimally invasive, non-penetrating and do not create a permanent opening in the wall of the eye. In addition, this advanced technique avoids the potential spectrum of complications associated with traditional glaucoma surgery.


The tiny iStent is placed in the eye during cataract surgery. The device is so small that you won’t feel it or even know it is there after surgery. iStent can effectively lower eye pressure by improving fluid outflow from the eye.

iStent Animation


Goniotomy is a minimally invasive glaucoma procedure that increases flow into the natural drainage system of your eye by removing a portion of the clogged drainage system called the trabecular meshwork. It can be performed as a single surgery or combined with cataract surgery.

Ab-interno Canaloplasty

Ab-interno canaloplasty is a safe and effective procedure that provides significant and sustained reduction of intraocular pressure and medication use. A microcatheter is used to “unclog” the drainage system of the eye, restoring normal drainage and reduction in the IOP.


For patients dealing with glaucoma but who also need cataract surgery, we have great news! MIGS can be performed at the time of cataract surgery with similar recovery, postoperative drop regimen and restrictions of activity as cataract surgery alone. As a result, many of our patients can not only have their vision restored after cataract surgery but also treat glaucoma at the same time. How convenient!

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