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Dr. Melton


Despite the sometimes vocal PR that it gets, LASIK has excellent refractive outcomes. The most common complication of LASIK is dry eyes, with virtually all patients developing some degree of dryness in the immediate postoperative period. But identifying preoperative dry eyes, and attention and treatment in the perioperative time period can lead to enhanced patient satisfaction and more accurate visual outcomes.

Candidates should have a thorough examination, including a detailed evaluation of the ocular surface (include the tear meniscus, tear quality, tear break-up time, presence of lid disease, Schirmer testing, and any ocular surface staining). Equally important is assessing for unacknowledged symptoms of dryness. Symptoms patients commonly associate with dryness include feelings of dryness, grittiness, and irritation.  It is also of significant value to inquire about those that they might not associate with dry eye: vision fluctuations, especially in conjunction with blinking, any eye symptoms that seem worse towards the end of the day, tired or fatigued eyes, contact lens discomfort, or intolerance.

Not uncommonly people associate these frustrating problems with their refractive error, and if left untreated prior to LASIK they then associate them with the procedure itself. All patients should be instructed regarding aggressive lubrication of the ocular surface. Punctal plugs can be considered preoperatively to reduce the tear drainage rate and cyclosporine or corticosteroid eye drops can be considered preoperatively to treat the inflammatory component. Lid margin disease should be identified and treated preoperatively.

Identified patients should be started on a regimen prior to LASIK and monitored for therapeutic efficacy prior to surgery. Preoperative management of any existing issues will improve tear function and overall ocular surface health, and thereby improve the accuracy of the preoperative measurements and postoperative visual outcomes.

There is no way to predict the severity of post-LASIK dryness for any individual patient, but all patients should be appropriately counseled with realistic expectations about the immediate postoperative worsening of dry eyes.

Sophrona Patient Portal

Mann Eye is excited to present the OD Portal! This application will allow you, the Co-managing Optometrist, greater access to your patient’s care as well as expanded communication with Mann Eye. Some features include Real-time scheduling at a Mann Eye facility, secure messaging, and access to notes from your patient’s visit at Mann Eye. We are committed to providing the best care to your patients while maintaining your involvement in the process!


Tip of The Month- What to Expect During a 1 Day/1 Week Cataract Post-Op

Set realistic expectations and be a cheerleader for the patient. Emphasize how it’s normal to be imperfect at 1 day & 1 week post op, and how the vision and comfort will gradually improve over the first month after the second eye surgery is performed. Be positive. Emphasize the good, and set your patents up to be delighted with their vision ultimately.

Dr. Luke Barker

Museo: Opening Early 2022

Exciting things are coming! In early 2022, Mann Eye’s flagship office on Main Street in Houston will relocate to the brand new Museo, a premier medical office complex situated in the Museum District at 5115 Fannin Street. Located adjacent to the Texas Medical Center campus, which is the largest medical center in the world, our new location will be just across the street from our current Main Street office.


Team Spotlight: Physician Liaison – Kristin Rickman

Kristin has been with Mann Eye in our Austin Region for over 9 years. During that time, she has helped to cultivate ophthalmic relationships within the community. Working with, and helping people is her passion. Kristin has 1 amazing energetic 10 year old boy, and a loving spouse of 18 years. She is a huge Chris Stapleton fan and loves music!


TOB CE Credits Update

Greetings! For the year 2021, ALL CE courses and attendee reports have been submitted to the TOB. Once the Board has adjourned their Q4 meeting, they will begin updating their website, including optometrists’ CE hours from throughout the year.

We stay in consistent contact with the TOB and we want to reassure anyone who may have a concern about hours not showing yet….there is no need to be concerned.

The TOB asks that you wait until the first week of December to start checking for your hours.

If you would like added assurance for any CE course you attended in 2021, Email me directly,, and I will be happy to provide you with a certificate of completion.

On behalf of the Physician Liaisons for MEI, Nicole, Kristin, and I want to say Thank You for attending in 2021 and we look forward to seeing you at our CEs in 2022!