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Myopic Progression Management at Mann Eye

We hear a lot of talk about how obesity is on the rise worldwide. A serious health concern for sure, but there is another significant health condition on the rise globally, although we hear much less about it. Myopia (nearsightedness) is increasing at an alarming rate across the world. In an important study on the subject, the American Academy of Ophthalmology predicts a rapid increase in individuals living with myopia in the coming decades, projecting that today’s numbers (around 23% of the world’s population) will grow to more than 49% by 2050.

Although myopia does have a genetic element, most experts agree the significant increase in more recent years is related to environmental factors, like increased screen time (smartphones, computers, tablets) and less time spent outdoors, resulting in a deficiency in natural sunlight exposure.

Childhood Myopia is an Epidemic

If you have children who use digital devices daily, this is a very real concern because that increase in myopia we mentioned is even more prevalent in young people.

Mann Eye Institute is a leader in the management of Myopic Progression (a condition where the nearsightedness gets worse year over year). Many parents are concerned about children becoming more nearsighted as they are increasingly using more digital devices for both instructional and leisure time. The good news is, myopic progression can be treated, and in many cases, prevented.

MiSight Contact Lens Show Promise in Treating Myopic Progression in Children

Several studies assessing the effects of commercially available soft multifocal contact lenses have found it to be effective at slowing myopia progression and axial elongation. A three-year clinical trial demonstrated the effectiveness of one of the few soft multifocal contact lenses used for myopia management. The MiSight® single-use contact lens is used to slow myopic progression in children when initially prescribed for children 8-12 years old.

At Mann Eye Institute, we are proud to be on the leading edge of treatment for myopic progression in our Myopia Management Clinic. We are happy to be able to offer MiSight single-use contact lenses to our young patients for whom it is a good fit. This advanced lens works by correcting vision and slowing the elongation of the eye.

Studies show that nearly one in four children’s eyes originally fit with the MiSight lens remain stable for myopia after six years. That’s very exciting as this treatment has the potential to protect a young person’s vision from further deterioration.

Phillip Brunson, OD, FAAO

Is Pediatric Myopia Management Right for My Child?

At Mann Eye Institute, we want every patient, from the youngest to the most senior, to See Life Better. And we want to make sure parents are aware, informed and equipped to make important decisions for their children’s ocular health. If your child meets the following criteria, we’d love to meet with you and see if myopic progression management is a good fit.

Who is a candidate for Myopia Management?

  • Patients who are 8-17 years old
  • Have progression of myopia 0.50D or greater
  • Have a family history of myopia

Schedule your child’s evaluation with one of our vision experts specifically trained in Pediatric Myopia Management today.