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Looking for Freedom from Reading Glasses?

Do you have reading glasses everywhere? On your desk. On your nightstand. In your purse. Next to the remote. In your car, golf bag, junk drawer and maybe even on your head. Yes? We see you! And we have great news. The FDA has approved the first and only prescription eye drop that improves age-related blurry near vision (a condition called presbyopia) in adults. It’s called Vuity™, and Mann Eye Institute is among the first practices in Houston and Austin to prescribe it.

What?! An eye drop that does what reading glasses do?! It sounds like science fiction, but it isn’t!

“At Mann Eye Institute, we have been Texans’ trusted experts for vision correction solutions for decades. For people struggling with age-related near vision issues who want to be free from the inconvenience and restrictions of reading glasses, Vuity is an exciting new option that we’ve added to our offerings.”
-Dr. Paul Mann

Is Vuity is Right For Me?

Simply schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at any of our 18 locations in Houston and Austin. Our clinical team will perform a comprehensive eye exam, and if they feel Vuity is a good fit for you, they will write you a prescription for the drops. You can fill them at any local pharmacy, and they range anywhere from $79 to $101 per bottle. From there, just start dropping, and we’ll see you back for a follow-up to ensure you’re loving your results.

Vision Correction Options for Everyone

If Vuity isn’t right for you, or if you are someone who would like a more permanent solution to getting rid of the readers, we can help there, too. From Blended Vision LASIK (sometimes called Monovision) to Refractive Lens Exchange, Mann Eye Institute offers many procedures to help you See Life Better.

Schedule an appointment today with one of Mann Eye’s experienced doctors to explore our many reading vision correction options.