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By Dr. Luke Barker

Is LASIK safe?

When considering any surgery, it is advisable to do your research on the topic and prepare yourself for the evaluation. If you’re considering LASIK, ask friends and family who’ve had the procedure. Consult reputable online resources. Research surgeons and laser technology. Understand the pros and cons of having eye surgery. Then book your consultation with the experts: Mann Eye Institute.

LASIK is a safe and effective outpatient procedure that has been performed on millions of patients and eyes over the last 25 years. Its safety, quality and side effect profile has improved as the technology has advanced over the years. And having LASIK doesn’t preclude you from other options for eye surgery in the future.

Several studies have been conducted over the life of the procedure, and in recent years, it has been proven that having laser vision correction is less risky than even wearing contact lenses as directed. Also, over 90% of eye surgeons who perform the procedure would highly recommend it to friends and family who are candidates. Finally, over 80% of LASIK eye surgeons who are candidates for the procedure have had it themselves!

Know the facts about LASIK. Trust Mann Eye Institute. We are here to help you See Life Better.

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