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If there’s one thing Mann Eye patients can feel confident about, it’s that Mann Eye cares – about the big things and the little things.

Mann Eye has earned a reputation as a proven leader in the field of vision correction – in patient care, in great visual outcomes and in technology.

In keeping with this commitment to remain on the leading edge of everything new and amazing in vision correction, Mann Eye Houston is excited to introduce the most advanced laser platform currently available in the United States.

Drum roll please: Contoura.

What is Contoura?

The full name of this exciting new technology is a mouthful, so buckle your seatbelt.

Contoura Vision Topography-Guided Laser Vision Correction is a highly advanced laser platform used in partnership with LASIK. It’s designed to optimize the corneal surface of the eye, which could ultimately lead to even greater results from your LASIK.

Contoura takes LASIK in Houston further than it has ever gone before in that with Contoura, the technology does not just treat your eyeglass prescription. It does more. Contoura makes use of advanced diagnostic techniques to find and record imperfections in both the optics of the cornea and the cornea’s curvature.

Basically, it’s an overachiever.

Why Should I Consider Contoura?

When the Contoura measurements are combined with your regular eyeglass prescription, this is where the magic happens. The chances become greater that a better-focusing surface for the eyes can be attained.

Based on the results of extensive clinical studies, Contoura has helped approximately 90% of people just like you enhance their vision to the point of seeing more clearly without glasses than they did with glasses. That’s impressive!

Contoura is a huge step forward in treating common vision challenges and Mann Eye Houston is so happy to be able to offer it to you! Contoura Vision is helping many individuals see more clearly than they ever thought possible.

Ready to schedule your LASIK consultation? Ready to See Life Better? Your Houston LASIK surgeon will help you determine if Contoura Vision is the right choice for you. Visit our locations pages for more information on LASIK in Austin and the surrounding areas.

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