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Moms have enough to worry about…kids, schedules, kids, grocery shopping and meals, kids, appointments for family members and running a household, and did I mention KIDS?!?

So extra frustrations are just that – frustrating! Hey, moms! If you are wearing contact lenses and dealing with all that comes along with that – appointments, expense, solution, drops, extra glasses – WHY?

It’s one frustration that you have the opportunity to eliminate and See Life Better once and for all.

Cynthia’s Story

Cynthia, Sugar Land stay-at-home mom, wore contact lenses for her distance vision issues and since entering her forties, had also begun to notice a deterioration in her near vision.

Between forgetting to put in her contacts, the frequent headaches from trying to function without them and the looming need to use reading glasses in order to be able to read a book, see text messages on her phone or read a menu at a restaurant, Cynthia was frustrated enough to make a move.

And she knew exactly where to go: Mann Eye Institute (of course!)

“I mean, these are my only eyes so I wanted to go somewhere trusted and established.” – Cynthia

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Just Ask the Questions

If there’s one thing moms are really good at (especially moms of teenagers!), it’s asking questions.

In Cynthia’s case, she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Brian Wright, trusted LASIK surgeon at Mann Eye Institute.

“I went in there with lots of questions. He was patient, took the time and gave me even more answers than I needed just to help me feel comfortable.” – Cynthia

Together they decided that Monovision LASIK was the best choice for Cynthia because she wanted to see well at all distances. She definitely wanted to be rid of her contacts but also did not want to have to wear readers for her near vision (over-40) issues. Monovision LASIK corrects one eye for distance vision and one eye for near vision.

Her result was nothing short of amazing. Yours can be too!

Dr. Wright and ALL the other experienced surgeons at Mann Eye Institute are leaders in their field and passionate about helping individuals achieve the vision they want and deserve.

Take the first step to See Life Better with LASIK from Mann Eye Institute – with convenient locations in Sugar Land and more. Make the appointment for a consultation at Mann Eye Institute and have all of your questions answered.

The consultation costs you nothing but could change everything!

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