Posted by: Mann Eye in LASIK

Mann Eye Institute has been a leader in technology and innovation for decades. One of the latest advancements in corneal refractive surgery now offered exclusively at Mann Eye is blade-free, all-laser, topography-guided refractive surgery. The Alcon Wavelight Femtosecond and Excimer platform, combined with Contoura Topography Guided ablation, is the latest and most advanced corneal refractive treatment available.  With this technology, we can even further customize patients’ refractive surgeries to maximize unaided visual acuity and further minimize any and all side effects related to LASIK and PRK.

Currently, we are performing topography-guided treatments for patients with myopia as well as myopia with astigmatism. The qualitative and quantitative results have been outstanding, and further advancements in treating higher order aberrations with topography-guided treatments have led to even complex and retreatment cases having an excellent and improved result over traditional Wavefront Optimized LASIK. Let the team at Mann Eye help you achieve a higher level of LASIK satisfaction.

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