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You’ve made the life-changing decision to have LASIK! That’s great. We know you will (or maybe already have) received a lot of information at your LASIK consultation. Laser vision correction is amazing stuff and we are passionate about sharing it with everyone who wants improved vision, free from the hassles of glasses and contacts!

To help you better understand some of the more advanced technologies available to you when you choose to have LASIK at Mann Eye Institute, we’d like to take a more in-depth look at two of them with the goal of helping you decide exactly which package is best for you.

Mann Eye Institute’s Advanced LASIK Explained

In Houston, Katy and Austin, Mann Eye Institute is pleased to offer an Advanced LASIK Package, which includes Contoura and/or Iris Registration.

You already know Mann Eye Institute is committed to adopting the latest and greatest technology, specifically chosen for optimal outcomes. Additionally, we offer a few optional enhancements and packages that can take your vision correction experience to the next level! Here are a few:

Contoura: LASIK at the Next Level

We’re excited to be able to offer Contoura, the most advanced laser platform currently available in the United States, in Houston, Katy and Austin. Contoura Vision Topography-Guided Laser Vision Correction is designed to optimize the corneal surface of the eye, which could ultimately lead to even greater results from your LASIK.

Contoura takes LASIK further than it has ever gone before; the technology does not just treat your eyeglass prescription. It takes the next step. Contoura makes use of advanced diagnostic mapping to find and record imperfections in both the optics of the cornea and the cornea’s curvature.

Why You Should Consider Contoura

Put simply, when the measurements obtained with Contoura are combined with your regular vision prescription, the result is a more optimized treatment that can offer an even better focusing surface for your eyes.

Based on the results of multiple extensive clinical studies, Contoura has helped about 90% of people, just like you, enhance their vision to the point of seeing more clearly without glasses than they did wearing glasses. In fact, Contoura produced the best results ever seen in an FDA LASIK clinical trial.

Contoura is a huge step forward in treating common vision challenges and Mann Eye Institute is so happy to be able to offer it to you! Contoura Vision is helping many individuals see more clearly than they ever thought possible. It should be noted that not everyone is a candidate for Contoura. Your Mann Eye Institute surgeon can help you determine if Contoura is right for you.

Iris Registration for Optimal Alignment

The Iris Registration System (IR), is the latest step in vision correction technology and is designed to ensure the best alignment of the laser treatment pattern possible.

Why is this important? When a person moves from a seated to a lying position, the eye can rotate. This is a fairly small amount of true rotation but it can be clinically significant when applying a laser vision correction application.

With other excimer lasers, registration marks are applied to the eye by the surgeon before surgery and then compensated for under the laser manually. The Iris Registration system recognizes and corrects any misalignment in the laser treatment pattern. The better the alignment of the laser treatment, the higher the quality of the surgical result.

Both Contoura and Iris Registration are examples of the amazing advancements that exist in the field of laser vision correction. Mann Eye Institute is proud to have invested in both on behalf of our valued patients.

Convinced? We hope so. The best part about LASIK is the opportunity to live life without restrictions. Are you ready to finally See Life Better? We’re ready to help. Schedule your comprehensive LASIK consultation today. Visit our page for LASIK in Austin, or any other of our convenient locations.