Macular Hole

The macula is the part of the retina that provides us with sharp central vision that we use for reading, driving and seeing fine details. A macular hole is a defect in the very center of the retina and can cause your central vision to have a dark spot, be blurry or distorted.

Age is a common cause of macular holes and is a result of changes in the vitreous gel that fills the back of the eye. Most cases arise spontaneously without an identifiable cause, but risk factors include vitreous degeneration, trauma, diabetes, myopia, eye inflammation and a history of retinal tears or detachment.

Macular Hole

How are Macular Holes Treated?

Vitrectomy surgery is the most common treatment for macular holes. Vitrectomy is a procedure where small incisions are placed in the white part of the eye, and the vitreous gel filling the inside of the eye is removed. Your surgeon will place a gas bubble in the eye during the surgery to help close the hole, and you may be asked to position your face down afterward. The success rate for hole closure is high, with most patients regaining most of their central vision.

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