Mann Eye Fam

.ann eye employees who have received LASIK eye surgery gather in a room

Introducing the #MannEyeFam

What do all these Mann Eye team members have in common? They’ve all had life-changing LASIK at Mann Eye Institute. Wow! Just look at how many people in our own Mann Eye family have trusted us to help them See Life Better

When you work this close to the procedure every single day and you still choose to have it yourself; that says something. It communicates confidence in the procedure, the technology and, most importantly, confidence in the hands of the experienced Mann Eye Institute surgeons.

Ready to join the thousands of happy Mann Eye patients? Great. We’re ready to help you See Life Better.

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Nick Shoffner

family of mann eye employee that had LASIK with his wife
I had LASIK in Dec of 1999. Yes 1999! Almost 20 years ago and yes, if my LASIK were a person, it could legally vote. I went into the Marine Corp straight out of high school and completely abused contact lenses. I would go out in the field for months at a time and not bring back-up glasses. Yep, those contacts were in my eyes for months. It got to a point that I became completely intolerant to contacts. Every time I would put them in, and within 15 minutes, my eyes would be totally bloodshot and so irritated that I could hardly open them. My vision was 20/400 prior to my LASIK and has been 20/15 since day one and has absolutely not changed. Since my LASIK, my wife, my mom, my sister, and 19 other family members have had the procedure done. For me and my family, LASIK has been an absolute miracle!

Moira Long

family of mann eye employee that had LASIK standing on the beach wearing white
I had LASIK 13 years ago with Dr. Paul Mann and it was the best decision. I was tired of my contacts getting in the way of me being a mom. My final straw was when we were at the pool and I rubbed my eyes and one of my contacts fell out. I had to pack up the kids and go home since I couldn’t see. At that point, I said that I won’t let my vision ever get in the way of me being a mom and having fun with the kids again!

Angelique Tarazona

lasik eye surgeon and patient stand in front of mann eye institute and laser center sign
I had LASIK today! I have had 20/15 vision my whole life. Then I turned 40 and Bam! Wearing readers…yep! Lucky for me I could just get LASIK (at Mann Eye where I work) to fix that! It is the best thing ever! I have been helping patients get LASIK for 14 years. The experience is so quick and easy. Thank you Dr. Mann and our amazing team! It is a pleasure to be a part of this great clinic. Thank you!

Richard Romero

mann eye employee that had lasik is smiling wearing a black coat
I would like to say that the LASIK procedure I received here has been life changing. I would have never thought in my entire life a miracle like this would happen. It feels great to be able to see the world without corrective lenses. A huge thanks to Dr. Paul Mann for making this happen. Mann Eye, I salute you.

Aldana Matamoros

photo collage of woman in front of landmarks
I had LASIK at age 25 after having worn glasses and contacts since the 4th grade. My prescription was a -6.00 with 2 units of astigmatism. My life without correction was a haze, a blur…as in… I needed my glasses to find my glasses.

For a month after my LASIK, I would go to my bathroom counter and look for my contact lens case, freak out when I didn’t see it, only to realize I had thrown it away because that blurry part of my life was OVER!! YAY!! My favorite part about having LASIK is my ability to wake up every morning and see. Now this may not sound like a big deal for most people but when you’re a -6.00, it is a HUGE deal. I love that I can snorkel, swim in the ocean, and not worry about my contact lenses swimming away with the current. I love that I no longer have to haul around 17 pairs of contacts, extra case, solution bottles when going on vacay. I love that at bedtime, I don’t have to worry about another step, and can jump straight into bed and fall asleep. I love that I don’t deal with dry contacts on the nights I stay up late. LASIK has simplified my life and the benefits far outweigh the minimal risks of the procedure. I’m still enjoying the benefits of LASIK 10 years later so if you ask me whether LASIK is a great investment, I’d say HECK YEAH to the 10th exponent!

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