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At Mann Eye Institute, we’re celebrating Healthy Aging Month all September long! We’re proud to offer all the services you need to ensure your eyes stay happy and healthy as the years pass. From cataract care to glaucoma specialists to general eye care, we can provide all ophthalmic care necessary to our patients in the greater Houston and Austin areas.

Cataract care

Cataracts are an inevitable part of aging. Eventually, everyone will develop cataracts, but it can be hard to know how much they affect your vision because they grow slowly. Over time, your eyes will adjust to your cataracts, and you might not realize how much they hinder your ability to see clearly until they cause a larger health problem.

So, what are the symptoms of cataracts? There are plenty to look out for. Some of the most common symptoms include yellowing or discoloring of the vision, seeing halos around lights, cloudiness or dullness and frequent changes in glasses or contacts prescriptions in an attempt to keep up with vision changes from cataracts. If left untreated, the impaired vision from these symptoms can cause tasks such as driving (especially at night) and reading much more difficult. Additionally, worsened vision can lead to a higher risk of bad falls or other accidents that can make you less independent.

Luckily, cataracts are treatable with surgery. Cataract surgery is among the most commonly performed surgeries in the United States annually, and the success rate is exceptionally high. To read more about how cataract surgery works, click here. Plus, with the option of Active Life LensesTM, you can decrease or even eliminate your dependence on reading glasses!

If you’re experiencing cataract symptoms, we would be honored to be the practice you choose to help manage your vision care. Even if you don’t think you have cataracts, if you are 60 or over, we recommend a baseline cataract evaluation to ensure we’re able to “keep an eye” on any cataract development that you might not have noticed yet. Please don’t hesitate to reach out either online or by calling 800.MY.VISION.


According to the CDC, more than 3 million Americans have glaucoma. Left untreated, glaucoma can lead to irreversible vision loss. Although anyone can get glaucoma, it becomes much more common as we age. For example, extreme nearsightedness, high blood pressure, diabetes and a family history of glaucoma can put you at an increased risk of the disease.

Glaucoma is defined as an increased amount of fluid in the eye which leads to higher pressure on the optic nerve. This increased pressure can cause permanent damage to the optic nerve, which means patients can lose vision. But what causes the fluid to build up? There are two leading causes. Either your eye(s) are producing too much fluid, or there is a blockage not allowing old fluid to drain out of your eye and make room for new fluid.

Although glaucoma is not curable right now, technology and medical science have progressed far enough to allow us several treatment options to drastically slow disease progression and help people retain their vision. Depending on the root cause of glaucoma and its symptoms, treatment options range from eye drops to laser treatments to surgery.

If you are concerned about glaucoma or in a demographic that puts you at increased risk for the disease, our experts would be happy to look at your eyes and determine the best course of action for your specific case.  Please feel free to reach out online or over the phone at 800.MY.VISION.

General Eye Care

Whether you are concerned about cataracts, glaucoma or any other number of diseases that become more and more common as we age, Mann Eye Institute wants to be the place you trust to treat your vision with the highest level of care. We would be honored to hear from you no matter your vision concerns. Happy Healthy Aging Month!