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by Guido Piquet

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It has been almost 3 months since we went live on Mod Med. The past few months have included some tough days but also some aha moments when a cool feature is found that Nextgen did not have. When Mann Eye first embarked on the journey to consider a new EMR system, the vision was to find a software package that would support our goal of growth and innovation. While right now we are still in the learning phase, we still believe that Mod Med will help us realize our goal of being one of the top ophthalmic practices in the country.

One of the main reasons we chose Mod Med over other options was because it looked to help us become more efficient has a practice. Protocols and a system that learns the physician would help our clinics see more patients, faster. It will take some time to get there and we will begin seeing the real power of efficiency as patients come in for repeat visits. While Mod Med was a significant investment in time and resources, we seek to recoup it by our physicians realizing our efficiency goals. In our ROI calculations we estimated that Mod Med would allow each physician to see at the minimum 1 additional Long per half day. While we are still working towards that goal, know that this is the minimum benchmark we seek to reach. Our hope is to reach that level of efficiency and then some.

Update on NextGen records: The over 5 million chart notes and records from NextGen has finally finished exporting from the old system. Now the task is to start the import process which will more than likely take another 3-4 weeks. During this time you’ll sporadically see NextGen chart notes appear in the Attachments section of Mod Med. When the entire process has completed, we will send out more detailed instructions on how to most efficiently view those records. The ultimate goal is to phase out the necessity for our clinics to have the need to reference the old cloud to get that information. It is costly to keep the old environment propped up and takes more time to switch between two systems.

As we continue through the evolution of our new EMR system, we ask everyone in the organization to approach it with a “growth mindset.” Remove any preconceptions about “how we always do things” and help us envision ways to make our new software better. There are undoubtedly hidden treasures in Mod Med that we have yet to uncover. The only way to get to our efficiency goals is to force our minds to uncover new workflows and ways of doing things. We also ask that as you find these gems to share your story and experiences with others so that we can help each other grow and reach the pinnacle of our performance potential.