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Use It Or Lose It: Fully Understand Your Flex Plan

Maximize Every Dollar It’s that time of year again. Crisp days, chilly nights, pumpkin spice, sprinklings of holiday decor popping up in stores and homes. The year almost complete, our… Read More

6 Summer Eye Care Tips

Here comes the sun Here comes the sun It’s all right It’s all right –The Beatles, Abbey Road Lounging around outdoors with a catchy tune is just one fun thing… Read More

Eat Your Way to Better Vision – Top Five Superfoods for Eyes

Poor eyesight is a common problem. As many as 23 million American adults have reported vision loss. Many individuals experience difficulty seeing objects close up (farsightedness or hyperopia), others at… Read More

Senior Vision: 9 Tips for Safe Driving

Aging is inevitable, and change is a part of aging. For seniors, staying safe while driving can be a challenge. Changes in vision or hearing can cause problems, and reaction… Read More

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