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August means back to school and all that comes with it. Football (yay!), cooler temps (well, maybe not for the Texans) and, for many families, a more structured routine. And since August is also National Eye Exam Month, we get to shine a spotlight on our favorite topic: your eyes!

Schedule Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

We know you have a lot on your plate this month. But we’d like to remind you while you’re back-to-school shopping and scheduling haircuts and dental cleanings to also schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Mann Eye Institute for all the students in your home. And here are five reasons why:

  1. Prevention and Protection. With many eye conditions and diseases, early detection can quite literally save your sight. For this reason, an annual comprehensive eye exam at Mann Eye Institute is so much more than a vision screening or just determining if you need glasses or contacts. In fact, it can alert us to eye conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In those cases, we can implement early intervention techniques to help protect your vision for a lifetime.
  2. Digital Eye Strain. Helloo, 2021. People of all ages are more “plugged in” than in years past. Add to that a surge in online learning and remote work, and screen time eye issues are reaching unprecedented levels. Also on the rise is Dry Eye. While Dry Eye symptoms can be related to allergies or environment, most experts agree that doing near work on smartphones and computers—things like emailing, texting, viewing, reading, working or gaming—can be blamed for much of the increase in recent years. Luckily, at Mann Eye Institute, we specialize in diagnosing and treating the root cause of your Dry Eye.
  3. Childhood Myopia on the Rise. The number of children who are developing myopia (nearsightedness) is growing faster than ever. And more kids are getting nearsighted at a very early age (see #2). Why is this a big deal? Children who become nearsighted early in life tend to experience a progression of nearsightedness that continues throughout childhood. At our Pediatric Myopia Management Clinic, we are proud to be on the leading edge of treatment for myopic progression. Myopia Control is a type of therapy we offer our pediatric patients who are systematically becoming more and more nearsighted.
  4. Freedom (from glasses and contacts). Start your school year free to see! Thanks to many great advancements, you have the opportunity to enjoy improved vision without the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts. So say yes to advanced LASIK. Our experienced LASIK surgeons have decades of experience. Not sure if you’re a candidate? Take our LASIK self-test to find out!
  5. See Life Better! For us, it’s so much more than a catchy tagline. Whatever your life holds in store, we want you to see it better with the vision you deserve. From laser vision correction and middle-age reading vision to help to restoring sight after cataract surgery, Mann Eye Institute is Texas’ trusted eye care provider in every season.

Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today and, if you’re ready, schedule your FREE LASIK consultation! And See Life Better for yourself. Welcome to the Mann Eye family; we look forward to seeing you!