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Let’s Talk To Our Experts About Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are single-use lenses that you wear all day then remove and discard at the end of each day. A fresh pair of lenses is used the next morning. A fresh pair every day!

Daily contact lenses are gaining in popularity among doctors and patients alike, and for many good reasons! At Mann Eye Institute, we are committed to offering our patients the most advanced options out there for performance and comfort. Let’s learn more.

Daily Lenses are Healthier for Your Eyes

As a daily disposable contact lens wearer, you are also less likely to overwear your contact lenses, meaning less chances of dry eyes, irritation and possible infection that comes from wearing them longer than recommended. And putting on a brand new lens each day is much healthier than wearing the same lenses over and over again each day as protein and other microorganisms can build up on the lenses.

Daily Lenses Offer Less Maintenance

Daily contact lenses mean that you no longer have to buy solutions, cleaning products and contact lens cases to store your contacts between use. Less bathroom counter clutter, yay!

Daily Lenses Offer More Convenience

With daily disposable lenses, you can bring a few extra pairs with you for the day or even on vacation. Your lenses are conveniently stored away in their original packaging. Easy-peasy!

If your monthly or bi-weekly lenses go missing or become damaged, you just lost at least two weeks’ worth of lenses. Boo! But if you damage or drop a daily, no big deal! Just open up a new set and you are good to go.

Daily Lenses Offer More Flexibility with Vision Options

Many of our patients express the desire to have flexibility in when they wear their contacts versus their glasses. For example, many progressive lens wearers do not want to wear their contacts for up-close or for computer work. Also, what if you want to wear your new prescription sunglasses on the weekend, or just give your eyes a break and wear glasses all week?

When compared to a daily disposable lens option, you don’t have to worry about the unused wasted days that come with bi-weekly or monthly contacts. Wear what you want to wear!

Which Daily Disposables We Like

Before we get into the specifics of which brands we like and why, there is one important note to mention:

In the world of contact lenses, “disposable” doesn’t always mean single-use. Daily wear lenses that you toss every two to three weeks are sometimes called disposable. “Daily disposable” is the specific term for lenses that you remove and discard daily.

ACUVUE® OASYS 1-DAY with HydraLuxe™

We love these advanced, hydrating, UV-blocking lenses for people who spend above-average time on digital devices.


These popular lenses come with a permanently embedded water-holding ingredient, similar to that found in natural tears, making them exceptionally comfortable.

Precision 1®

These daily disposables feature something called SMARTSURFACE® Technology, which keeps moisture on the lens surface. That’s on top of providing dependable comfort, precise vision and easy handling.

Dailies Total 1®

These are the first and only daily disposable lenses to have water gradient technology, so only a cushion of moisture touches the eye for exceptional comfort.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus®

These amazing daily disposable contact lenses have blink-activated moisture technology that releases refreshing bursts of comfort with every blink. Aahhh.

Am I a Candidate for Daily Disposables?

In a word, probably. Your Mann Eye doctor can tell you for sure. We will consider your lifestyle, your prescription, and your needs to help figure out which contacts you’ll need. Schedule an appointment today and let’s see if daily disposable contacts are right for you!