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By Dr. David Tremblay

Dry Eye is an extremely complex and often tricky condition to diagnose and treat. In many cases, there are multiple causes or contributing factors such as computer use, medications, hormonal fluctuation, autoimmune disease and even environmental factors. Seasonal changes can also affect the eyes.

The warmer temperatures of summer mean air conditioning and ceiling fans, which can dry out the air significantly. Sleeping with a humidifier, turning the fan off and using a thicker over-the-counter eye drop or ointment before bed can reduce overnight drying. In addition, moisture goggles or a sleep mask can be worn during sleep to create a seal around the eyes and protect the eyes from circulating air. These goggles are available at most major drug stores or on the internet.

Summer also means a new season of allergies. Eye allergies can worsen dryness leading to itching, irritation, redness and blurry vision. Keep artificial tears in the refrigerator and use cold drops to reduce itching. A cold eye compress can reduce swelling and also help with comfort. Over-the-counter or prescription allergy eye drops are also available to help with these frustrating symptoms. Finally, stay hydrated, exercise regularly and wear sunglasses!

What to Do When Dry Eye is Affecting Your Life

Trust an expert! For chronic Dry Eye issues that don’t resolve with at-home treatment, we would love for you to know about the Mann Eye Institute Ocular Surface Treatment Center. Our Dry Eye specialists dedicate themselves to helping patients like you See Life Better through customized treatment plans using one or more of the following: ThermiEyes, Scleral Lenses and Amniotic Membrane Contact Lenses. Our dry eye specialist will perform a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate your unique ocular surface condition. This will help us determine the best treatment plan (customized specifically for you).

Don’t let Dry Eye ruin your summer! Schedule your Dry Eye consultation and get ready to See Life Better.

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