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If you’ve ever thought about having LASIK, you’re not alone. Freedom from the hassles of glasses and contacts is something many people think about daily! According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), LASIK is the world’s most popular elective procedure and more than 28 million LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide. Wow! That’s a lot of people pursuing improved vision. Are you ready to stop just thinking about it and join them?

It’s 2020, y’all. I mean, could there be a better year to finally take the plunge and have LASIK? Right. We don’t think so either. And there couldn’t be a better place to have this life-changing procedure than Mann Eye Institute. We’ve been a trusted LASIK leader since day one and our experienced eye surgeons have helped generations of Texans to See Life Better.

Here, we present our 20 top reasons to have LASIK in 2020 at Mann Eye Institute:

Snooze without fear.

That’s right. With the time you’ll save not having to put in your contacts before work or school in the morning, you can afford to hit the snooze button for seven more minutes of cozy slumber.

See in the shower.

You can finally read the ingredient list on that bottle of shampoo! Just what is Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate anyway?!

Put on eye makeup like a pro.

Who understands the struggle of needing to wear your glasses to see well enough to put on your eyeliner and mascara but not being able to put on the eyeliner and mascara while wearing the glasses?! UGH. With the freedom LASIK offers, you can say goodbye to that particular struggle

Focus on your workout, not on your glasses/contacts.

From spin class and kickboxing to pilates and free weights, gym time is made more enjoyable when you can fully focus on the activity and not on your glasses slipping off your nose and sweat dripping into your contact and making your eyes burn.

Eliminate the fog bog. Hey, glasses wearers.

Ever walked out of an air-conditioned building on a hot, summer day in Texas? Hello, steamy moment (and not in a good way!). Step into the sunshine with confidence on your face instead of fog on your lenses.

Smile with your eyes (SMIZE).

If you’re a glasses wearer, you know the risk of posing for a photo where flash is being used. How many times have your sparkling peepers been obscured by sparkling glares because of the flash? Ugh. Delete. LASIK can help you smile with confidence in every photo in any lighting.

Give up the search.

Without the annoyance of frantically searching for your glasses in the morning (or the evening and any other time you need them), you’ll have more time for what really matters. Like searching for your car keys.


With no more contact lenses, cases and cleaning solutions cluttering up your bathroom counter, your inner minimalist can take a deep, cleansing breath. Aaaahhhhh.

Airport ease.

We can’t guarantee a short line to get through the TSA checkpoint at the airport, but we can promise you’ll have some extra room in your carry-on if you no longer have to pack your contacts, contact solution and travel gear. Onward!

Better vacation vibes.

Forget your troubles, not your glasses!

Build better sandcastles.

What’s worse than getting sand in your contact while at the beach? Wiping your eyes with your sandy beach towel, that’s what! Sand and contacts do not play well together.

Trade your glasses for goggles.

Whether snorkeling or snow skiing, trying to fit your glasses under your goggles is uncomfortable and annoying!

Barrier-free cuddle time with the little ones in your life.

Ever had a baby/toddler snatch your glasses off your face? Yeah, that. At the least, it hurts, and, if they break in the process, it’s expensive! LASIK could mean one less barrier between you and your littles.

Sunglasses for every mood.

Without the restriction of needing prescription sunglasses ($$$!), you can afford a pair of shades for every occasion. From conservative and sophisticated to fun and funky, you have the freedom to pick and wear what you want every day of the week!

Gain more family.

When you choose to have LASIK at Mann Eye, you become a member of the Mann Eye family! Did you know that hundreds of our own team members have had LASIK themselves? Welcome to the #manneyefam

Save more money.

LASIK is an investment in yourself. And when you consider the money you could save on glasses, a back-up pair, prescription sunglasses, contacts and contact supplies, LASIK can actually save you money in the long run! It pays for itself in as little as three years! Check out our LASIK Savings Calculator to learn more.

Embrace your inner water lover.

No more avoiding waterparks, pools, lake days and river floats! When you don’t have to consider your glasses or contacts, you can dive, swim, splash, float, surf and float to your heart’s content.

Bye-bye, irritated eyes.

Long-term and negligent contact use can cause eye irritation like burning and dryness. Ready to stop worrying about falling asleep in your contacts?

Bragging rights.

This is the one and only year you can say you found your 20/20 in 2020! How cool is that?

See Life Better.

It means different things to different people. Whether you want to look into the face of your newborn or stand behind a podium, looking into the faces of thousands. Whether you want to run a marathon or run to the school to have lunch with your fourth-grader. Climb the corporate ladder or climb the bunk bed ladder to read with your kids. Walk the job site or walk the dog. Do it all. Your life. Your way. And See it ALL Better after LASIK at Mann Eye Institute.

If you’re ready to reach for your own 20/20 in 2020, we’re ready to help. Schedule your free, no-risk, no-obligation LASIK consultation today. And be sure to ask about our new guaranteed approval financing* that’s making LASIK more affordable than ever.

*Down payments may apply depending on your credit score. Call Mann Eye Institute for additional details about financing options.