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When Austin-based travel and lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer Chelsea Bancroft decided she was tired of the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts, she knew it was time to do something about it.

This globe-trotting, twenty-something had left one too many pairs of prescription glasses on an airplane and dropped one too many contact lenses in the ocean. She’d missed one too many spectacular views (remember those glasses left on the airplane?!) and spent one too many dollars on replacement glasses and contacts.

And she was OVER it. So she took a small break from her travels and fulfilled another bucket-list item: LASIK at Mann Eye Institute!

From her pre-op screening to her post-op appointments and every moment in between, Chelsea documented her experience and shared it with her followers on her blog where she lays out everything you should know about getting LASIK surgery. Here is a look at her journey to See Life Better.

Pre-Op Excitement

Mann Eye LASIK Pre-Op Chelsea

Chelsea’s LASIK adventure began in May of this year when she came in for her initial consultation and testing. Chelsea posed in her glasses on Instagram, stating how pumped she was about the possibility of not needing to wear them or her contacts again after LASIK.

“When I first started talking to Mann Eye Institute about getting LASIK, I was a little scared but mostly very excited! They do several tests to map/measure your eyes and none of them hurt! They are literally the nicest people!”

The Procedure (and a fuzzy pink puppy)

Mann Eye LASIK Puppy lying on table

We tell our LASIK patients to wear comfortable clothes, no makeup or jewelry and to bring a friend or loved one to drive them home after the procedure. In our Austin LASIK surgical suite, we have a pink fluffy puppy that patients can hold during surgery.

“I wasn’t sure what I was more nervous about—getting LASIK or posting on Instagram with no makeup on! When I showed up for my surgery, they did all the initial tests again to make sure they had the most accurate measurements and readings. Dr. Tremblay inspected my eyes to make sure everything looked good, then they prepped me for surgery! My eyes were numbed with drops and I was also given medication to help me relax.

I was nervous and I know they had other patients after me, but never once did they make me feel like I was wasting time or holding everything up. They got everything all set up, and as the

laser was starting to come down, my gut reaction was to pull away, but I squeezed that giant stuffed puppy and told myself, ‘You got this, 10 seconds of bravery and you’re good,’ and the procedure started!

The whole procedure took maybe 10 minutes! Afterwards, Dr. Tremblay checked my eyes up close to make sure everything looked good and I went home!”

The Post-Op

Mann Eye LASIK Post-OP Chelsea

We tell our patients to go home after their procedure and take a nap. We see them again one day after surgery for a follow-up appointment.

“I woke up at about midnight on the day of my LASIK and I was shocked to be able to read the clock across my apartment! I couldn’t wait to see the difference the next morning. I had no burning or discomfort at all. I went back to bed and slept for eight more hours before going to my 24-hour post-op appointment. Everything went so well! Just 24 hours after my surgery, I was seeing 20-10!! That’s better than normal. I was seeing 20-60 before my surgery.”

Chelsea’s Why

Chelsea looking out airplane window

Chelsea’s amazing LASIK experience is like that of so many of our other patients. In fact, the most common thing we hear patients say is that they just wish they hadn’t waited so long before having LASIK.

“If you couldn’t tell already, I ABSOLUTELY recommend getting LASIK. It has been amazing for me, especially with all the traveling that I do. And I cannot recommend Mann Eye Institute enough — they are incredible!”

Check out Chelsea’s Instagram stories for a walk-through of her journey and get answers to her followers’ burning questions (that you may have too).

See Your Next Adventure Better

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Thanks, Chelsea, for trusting Mann Eye Institute with your precious eyesight! Want more? Check out her interview with Dr. Tremblay where they tell both sides of the LASIK story 👇

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