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Andy Thomas is an avid hunter and fisher, so glasses and contacts simply do not mesh well with his favorite outdoor activities. What did he do about that? LASIK!

This is Andy’s LASIK story:

“I went back for my post-op appointment and my vision was 20/15!!! That’s the clearest I have ever seen in my entire life that I can remember! Even clearer than my contacts and glasses.  

I shot my bow a couple of times after the procedure to see how everything looked through a peep. Unbelievable to say the least! I can clearly see the target out to 60 yards. No more blurred guessing on the longer shots.  

No more trying to put contacts in at 4:30 in the morning going hunting or fishing.  No more swimming underwater in our pool with my eyes closed.  No more being unable to wear cool sunglasses because I have on my prescription glasses.  No more lost contacts or remembering to bring extra contacts in case one is lost.   

For those who are hesitating, don’t. Go get it done! It is life-changing!!!”

If you are struggling to see your targets or are frustrated with any of the things Andy said “no more” to, then let’s talk.

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