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David is a longtime golfer. Glasses and contacts were always a big inconvenience when he was on the course, so he decided it was time to make a change.

This is David’s LASIK story:

“Since the time I was 8 years old, two things have been consistent in my life: golfing and prescription lenses. First came the glasses, then came the contact lenses. If it wasn’t the glasses fogging up or sliding down my face, it was dry or blurry contacts. Beyond those hassles, my eyes could never see a ball land past 200 yards and I would always lose it in the air. On and on, I just tolerated the chore and the discomfort. I was ready to change it up.

My long awaited procedure, that took no more than 45 minutes, has given me a brand new excitement for golf. After one week, my post op tells me that I see 20/15, and on the course I can finally see the ball landing. In fact, I think the greens are easier to read too.

I’m extremely satisfied with my “new” set of eyes, and better than ever for the links.”

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