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If you live in Austin, you know Krash Kelly. The popular radio personality and program director at Bob FM 103.5 in Austin is a household name and a favorite among listeners.

Krash had been living his life and enjoying great vision without glasses and contacts for several years. Then quite suddenly, everything changed. “The onset was so quick, I could hardly believe it,” said Krash. “Literally overnight, I needed reading glasses.”

Reading glasses in his car. Reading glasses in the studio. By his bed. On his head. In the living room by the remote control. Reading glasses everywhere!

Presbyopia – called “Over-40 Vision” – eventually gets us all and Krash was no exception. “The biggest frustration was being tied to a pair of glasses that I didn’t need all the time, just in up close scenarios,” said Krash. “So I was always leaving them everywhere and taking them on and off all the time.”  

Because he had LASIK several years ago, Krash was already comfortable with the thought of laser vision correction. He’s been free of glasses and contacts for years. He decided to visit Dr. Paul Mann at Mann Eye Institute just to see if there was anything that could be done for his over-40 vision woes.

“I knew he would give me the straight scoop, but honestly, I didn’t think I’d be a candidate for anything since I’ve already had LASIK,” explained Krash.

Krash was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was a candidate for a procedure called Blended Vision LASIK. “I didn’t even know that was an option!” said Krash.

With Blended Vision LASIK, the eyes are corrected so that the right eye can be used for different tasks than the left. More specifically, one eye is corrected for distance and the other is corrected for near or intermediate vision.

Almost everyone who has blended LASIK will be able to read newsprint following the procedure, and more than 90 percent will be able to read even smaller print.

Krash had Blended Vision LASIK in May and experienced improved vision immediately! “It has made my job a lot easier,” he said. “Writing scripts, computer work, looking at my phone. It’s amazing.”

His a-Ha moment came when he looked down at his Apple watch a few days post surgery. “Typically, I couldn’t ever get it bright enough or the contrast good enough to be able to see it clearly,” he said. “But I looked down and it was perfectly clear! I was shocked at how crystal clear it was!”

Krash loves to share his story – on air and in person. “Everyone I know who has had LASIK at Mann Eye Institute – myself included – has had a phenomenal experience. I’m here to tell you, get the consult, see how much your life can change and don’t be afraid!”

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