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After years of discomfort from glasses and contacts, Briana decided it was time for LASIK.  While on vacation in Napa Valley, she truly got to enjoy her new and improved vision while at the top of Bald Mountain on a nature hike.

This is Briana’s LASIK story:

“When I finally had enough of contacts and wanted to get LASIK, I knew that family and friends swore Mann Eye Institute was THE place to go.

I received my driver’s permit at the young age of 15, and I was told I have to wear corrective eyewear to drive.  Since that time I had to wear glasses for driving, watching TV and sporting events. Basically anything that was 10 feet away, I needed glasses to see.

Next I switched to contacts because glasses were giving me a headache.  Allergies and I are not friends, at all.  My contacts would dry out so fast that I would be thrilled to take them out each night. I could even hear my eyes sigh with relief.  It was annoying, and even more annoying when I would forget my contacts on trips, or run out because my prescription ended before I could squeeze time to see my doctor. Not to mention my contacts were delivered to an office over an hour away from me when there was traffic.

When I had my consultation for LASIK at Mann Eye everyone was super friendly and happy to help me.  Everything was explained well, and the rules were easy to follow.  I wasn’t thrilled to be wearing glasses for a whole week before surgery, but I knew it would be the last time I had to.

When I got out of surgery I could already start seeing clearly.  I slept the rest of the day then by that night I was able to watch some TV without contacts or glasses.  It was wonderful.  The next morning I woke up and took my dogs out, and I could see everything so crisply.  Leaves were outlined, colors were clearer and nothing blurred together.

LASIK was the best decision I made for my vision.  I love waking up and not having to start my day in glasses or having to take five minutes to put in my contacts. I got to truly appreciate my vision when I went on vacation to Napa Valley. Our group decided to go hiking one day.  We picked Bald Mountain trail, and at around 2,792 feet we reached the top.  That view with 20/15 vision was one of the most amazing things to experience. Thank you, Mann Eye Institute!”

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