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John was frustrated with the everyday struggle of wearing glasses and contacts. After doing some research on LASIK, he contacted us. His only regret – not doing it sooner!

This is John’s LASIK story:

“Being an avid hunter, my vision is very important to me. As I have gotten older it has become more challenging for me to wear glasses or contact lenses in the field. I did some research on LASIK eye surgery, and I admit I was terrified of the thought of having a laser being used to correct my vision. I contacted the Mann Eye Institute and expressed my concerns, and I agreed to come in for an evaluation.

The staff greeted me and everyone was very professional. Right off the bat they made feel very comfortable and relaxed as they explained the procedure to me. After my evaluation was over I had no doubts or fears about having the procedure done.

The following day was the day. The procedure only took minutes! I couldn’t believe what just happened. Right away I could see without my glasses or contacts. They sent me home with simple instructions and that was it. My vision improved by the minute.

Words can’t explain being able to wake up in the morning and not having to reach over to the nightstand for my glasses before I put my feet on the ground. This is by far the best decision I have ever made for my vision. I should’ve done it years ago.”

If you resonate with any of the things John said, then let’s talk.

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