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Blake is an engineer from Dallas. He came to see us at Mann Eye Institute because quality patient care matters to him just like it matters to us. This is Blake’s LASIK story:

“The team at the Mann Eye Institute walked me through the process with understanding and great care. From before the initial appointment to months after the procedure they have cared for me like family.

Leading up to the procedure (corrective surgery on both eyes – from heavily near-sighted to perfect vision!) I was given a rundown of every step. They took their time explaining the details of what I would experience. I went into the procedure day with confidence that I had a strong idea of what to expect, and the support of the entire staff from Dr. Mann all the way to the receptionist that greeted me with a smile.

Being an engineer I had many questions about logistics and what life would be like the first 24 hours, one week, one month, three months and six months after the procedure. I am a scratch golfer and play highly competitive pool. My vision is imperative to my life both professionally and personally. My many questions were met with patience and thoughtful response. I never felt like I was a nuisance to the staff and each of the doctors I met with took as much time as I requested to discuss every detail.

I originally met with Dr. Bonem for my pre-op appointment. She was well-educated on every nuance of the procedure and professionally fielded a barrage of tough questions. Her demeanor was calming and her staff clearly respect her as they follow her lead in client service.

The mentality of being a team with the sole purpose of serving the client was carried over to Dr. Mann and the team at the surgery center the next day. You can tell a lot about a professional by how their colleagues interact with them and how they refer to them. The entire team at Mann Eye Institute is on the same page, exampled by the leadership of treating each client uniquely. Unlike other facilities, I was made to feel like I was one of only a few patients that day.

My pre-op with Dr. Bonem was in a comfortable office building that surpasses any family practitioner’s office I have experienced. The surgery center itself was also clearly designed to help patients avoid the feeling of being part of a herd. Each waiting area only has a few seats and the friend I brought to accompany me was invited to move along the process with me.

Each staff member and doctor was well aware of my unique vision history and made me feel like while they were with me, I was the only patient on their mind. In an industry desiring heavy turnover, Mann Eye Institute is a rock in the stream – refusing to make their patients feel like part of a mill. I live in Dallas, but it was a simple decision to go to Houston (for less than 24 hours) and work with the group at Mann Eye Institute. The outcome was nothing less than perfection (immediately).

The most astounding part of this entire process is why I waited so long to get it done. Not only do I recommend Mann Eye Institute for any procedure, I insist that you ONLY go with them because they are the only group I know dedicated to the patient experience.”

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