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Sam is passionate about leading an active lifestyle. Between running, hiking and camping, there was not much room for glasses and contacts. She came to see us at Mann Eye Institute for LASIK and is now enjoying outdoor activities like never before. This is Sam’s LASIK story:

“Getting LASIK was, without contest, the best personal investment I have ever made. Each day I wake with the magic of sight and no longer have to worry about the safety of my vision “accessories” – glasses/contacts. As someone that is an active camper, hiker and climber this has brought me extraordinary peace of mind.

The people at the Mann Eye Institute couldn’t have made the process any easier. A friend mentioned LASIK to me on a Sunday, I was put in touch with staff members Jara and Roland that Monday, Wednesday they had me in for my consultation, and Friday I had the procedure.

Within a week, my life was completely changed for the better. Everyone on staff was kind and supportive and they even continue to share in my excitement when I return for follow up appointments.

I went into the procedure nearsighted enough that someone three feet away was blurry and I had astigmatism in my right eye. I am now astigmatism free and currently enjoying 20/15 vision. I can see better now then I was ever able to at any point before in my life. Having the astigmatism cleared up has done WONDERS for my depth perception; this is invaluable to me as a free runner.

I am also able to see sharp contrast between colors more clearly than ever before, which has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of wildlife observation, especially birds. I worked as a field biologist for three years with a focus on birds, and I had never seen them, truly SEEN them, and appreciated their markings the way I can now.

I fully endorse LASIK at the Mann Eye Institute and encourage anyone that is considering it to take the plunge and go for it, because if your experience is anything like mine (which I suspect it will be), you will NOT be disappointed!”

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