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If you have astigmatism (a common imperfection in the eye’s curvature that causes vision to be blurry at all distances), you may think or have even been told that you can’t have LASIK. You may think you don’t have any vision-correcting options beyond glasses and/or contacts for the rest of your life. This is a common misconception. But in the vast majority of cases, it’s just not true!

It is true that a small number of people do not qualify for LASIK eye surgery for various health reasons. But continuous improvements in technology over the last 10 years may now qualify people who may not have been deemed ideal candidates in the past. If you had a LASIK consultation 10 years ago (or even five years ago!), you don’t have to take yourself out of the game!

Today’s modern LASIK can correct mild to moderate astigmatism as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness. Screening and diagnosis for issues such as astigmatism, dry eye or thin corneas have improved exponentially, making LASIK candidacy a much more precise process than ever before.

Take astigmatism, for example. LASIK with astigmatism (just like nearsightedness and farsightedness) is totally possible. In most cases, LASIK can fully correct astigmatism.

How Will I Know if LASIK is Right for Me?

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK is to talk with your Mann Eye Institute specialist. Our FREE LASIK consultation is a great place to start.

There is perhaps nothing more important in the entire LASIK process than determining if the procedure is, in fact, right for you and your unique eyes. Here’s what you can expect during your FREE LASIK consultation at Mann Eye, which is basically a thorough, high-tech eye exam. Below is a list of the different diagnostic tests and scans you will have at your Mann Eye LASIK consultation:

  • Dry eye testing
  • Visual acuity and refractive error
  • Visual field screening
  • Pupil size in low & medium light
  • Ocular pressure
  • General eye health
  • Corneal topography and corneal thickness

Once our experienced team has given your eyes the green light, you’ll learn everything you want to know (and maybe more!) about LASIK, meet your surgeon and take your next step toward better vision!

A final thought: The best part about LASIK eye surgery is that you are now living your life without restrictions. You can work, play, travel and exercise without the hassles of glasses and contacts. At Mann Eye Institute, our team of expert surgeons is dedicated to helping you See Life Better. Book a consultation with us today and, together, we can discuss and assess your specific needs for LASIK.