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Teachers, are you enjoying your summer break? We hope so because you deserve it! You’ve worked hard all year guiding, teaching, mentoring, coordinating and a hundred other things!

Even with families and responsibilities of your own, you still invest in your students every day, making a positive difference for the future. We hope you’re in summer mode and not thinking about tests and quizzes, but…if you’ll indulge us just this one last time…

A Pop Quiz for Teachers!

Just in time for the start of the next school year, do you want to…

A. Wake up to clear vision every day for a simpler morning routine?
B. Eliminate the hassle of glasses and contacts?
C. See the things you’re doing every day Better??
D. All of the above

Hint…there’s no wrong answer. If you’re ready to improve your vision, and your life, now is the ideal time to take the plunge…so that you can See the next school year Better! But don’t just take our word for it, take it from two of our favorite teachers who say, without a doubt, that LASIK has changed their lives for the better.


Garth’s Story

Garth, an AP English teacher in Arkansas, is so glad he invested in LASIK. A glasses and contacts wearer for since childhood, he struggled to see well enough at all distances to move around the classroom and engage with his students in the way he wanted to.

“LASIK has improved my ability to teach in so many ways,” Garth said. “Now, I can move around the classroom and work one-on-one with my students and still see what’s on the screen of my laptop or on the board.”

Garth particularly appreciates his LASIK when in charge of supervising students outdoors. “I can see the students better and recognize faces,” he said. “It’s not an understatement to say the students are safer because I can see!”

For what he received in exchange (amazing vision free from the hassles of glasses and contacts), Garth says LASIK was the best thing he ever spent his summer bonus on! “And it didn’t even take all of my bonus,” he said.


Mann Eye LASIK Patients Garth & Jani

Jani’s Story

As a literacy coach in Seabrook, Texas, Jani spends a lot of time reading — both with her students and to them. And when you’re in charge of a classroom full of students, poor vision is a real hassle! A lifetime glasses wearer for nearsightedness, Jani also struggled with astigmatism, which left her dealing with glares and haloes, especially when driving at night.

Jani had LASIK at Mann Eye Institute and says that being rid of her glasses and contacts has improved her profession almost as much as it improved her vision. “Throughout my day, whether I’m sitting at the computer or trying to grade papers or make a lesson plan or work on a PowerPoint, I can go straight from doing that to engaging with my students,” she said.

Jani was delighted to find that, with our LASIK specials and convenient financing options, we made LASIK quite affordable for her (although she says she would have paid even more to have the freedom she now enjoys!). “I don’t know how you put a price on it because it really has been a priceless and lifechanging procedure for me,” she said.


Mann Eye Institute Makes the Grade

Jani was so impressed with the caring, professional and experienced team at Mann Eye Institute that she’s referred many friends and family members. Garth is planning to bring his step-daughter to Mann Eye next year because he is giving her LASIK for a graduation gift and he wouldn’t think of letting her have the procedure performed anywhere else.

Our team of experienced physicians and highly trained staff is dedicated to helping you See Life Better. We eat, sleep and drink outstanding patient care and positive patient outcomes using the advanced technology you deserve. And as an educator, we know you care about positive outcomes as much as we do!

So, do something for YOURSELF this summer, See the next school year Better.See Life Better.

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