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From Destiny:

“I wanted to get LASIK for quite some time, but I was very nervous. A friend/co-worker referred me to Mann Eye Institute. I did some research and read a lot of good reviews, so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go through with the consultation and see how I felt afterward.

Everyone at Mann Eye Institute was so nice! Dr. Mann was very informative and made me feel comfortable about having the procedure so I decided I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I had it done the following week. I am so excited that I can see and no longer have to wear contacts!

LASIK Testimonial

My life has changed dramatically! The world is clearer than it ever was with glasses or contacts. I now have the freedom to travel without having to carry extra contacts, solutions, spare glasses, regular sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. I can fall asleep in front of the TV or on an airplane and not worry about taking my contacts out first.

I went snorkeling after my procedure and the tropical fish were brilliantly lit up under water. I didn’t have to worry about wearing glasses or contacts to enjoy this. I only wish I had done it sooner. I am now 20/20—yay! I’m very thankful.”

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